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Greetings earthlings, no blog last night, Sloane was being a tad difficult on getting to bed plus I had to finish watching Justified.  If you don’t watch Justified then you need to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out.  This could be a tell tell sign that you might be a boring person or you watch way too much HGTV.  Disclaimer the following is going to be a rant.  You may skip to the next paragraph if you would like.  WHY IN THE HELL DO I HAVE TO PAY THE STATE OF INDIANA 55.00 FOR CHILD SUPPORT MAINTENANCE???????  I get a bill today saying I owe 55.00 due by June, for maintenance.  I pay online; I even pay a dollar more online so I didn’t have to involve my employer!  If you work in the child support division in the state of Indiana isn’t your JOB to process this shit!  You go to work, you get paid whatever salary you make, and you process child support crap.  It’s called your effing job!  I’m sending out an email to my HR guy tomorrow to see if we can start collecting 55.00 from all of our customers every year for “processing” their invoices.  Family Law is the biggest “legal” scam in the country.  This isn’t an anti-lawyer rant either, they work their butt off and go to law school (which I’m sure isn’t cheap), and since they know you can get rich in family law they take the required training to get in on the cash chow.  Kudos to them, I thought Indiana was better than this.  Maybe every state does it and Indiana is cheaper, I’d probably shit my pants if I knew what the “processing” fee was in California or New York.  You get taxed in those states for simply having the decent courtesy to breathe the air.  Endeth the rant!

My ex (and she is denying so who knows, would be the first time since man landed on the moon she has told the truth), played the “coercion” card with Sloane.  I was asked by Sloane yesterday if she could stay at the nursing home on school nights because she is “cranky” when I drop her off in the mornings.  This is simply bullshit, hell last week she got herself out of bed and was watching cartoons while I was getting ready for work.  Wide eyed and bushy-tailed, we chatted the whole way to the nursing home that morning.  I questioned her on why, her answer made about as much sense as a seven-year old (Gee wait! She is seven, I forget sometimes).  I gave up because frankly I didn’t care, I’ll eat pickled beets covered in E coli before I give up any time with her.  Tomorrow we get to go cut a rug with the Brownies and it’s the most I’ve looked forward to a dance since high school.  Why I looked forward to them in high school I have no idea, it would generally end with a bunch of dudes sitting around that evening at who ever had a parent out-of-town rehashing near misses and “Dude did you see what she was wearing” conversations!

I’ve under gone major changes in my life since June, pretty much all of them documented on this blog, the one thing that has drove me since I finally got my shit back to normal was helping people.  I’ve adopted a “Pay it Forward” kind of motto, many people took way more time out of their lives to listen to my cry, bitch, moan, concoct wild Katy Perry stories, and whatever than they had to.  Frankly unless you were in my inner circle or someone I deeply cared about I would have found a zillion reasons to get off the phone with me if the shoe was on the other foot.  Slightly selfish, actually very selfish but that was me, content in life and marriage and didn’t really want my apple cart rocked if it didn’t have to be.  I’m glad that guy is a stranger to me now; looking back I don’t like that guy anymore.  Everyone’s past is your own personal fabric and all fabrics eventually get a tear or rip in them; it’s how you re-stitch that fabric going forward that makes you a better person.  If you don’t improve from your new stitching then you are a dumbass and deserve to get it ripped and torn again.  Recently I’ve become good friends with someone who I knew vaguely from high school and our children go to school together.  Add her and her husband to the list of INCREDIBLE families that have looked out for Sloane and me at her school.  However this good friend has a horrific disease; it’s called Lupus.  I’m not a doctor at all, but what little I’ve read on Lupus it flat sucks.  Your body’s immune system pretty much picks a fight on any organ it wants to, and eventually wins or gives up and moves on to another organ.  I’m not championing Lupus against any other shitty disease either, this one just hits a little closer to home.  She is a loyal blog reader, and one of the most upbeat positive people in the world when facing this crap.  Ambition I can only say I’m jealous of; she is wanting to start her own local area Lupus fundraising charity (and not for her, for people who do not have the means to fight it nationally), over the past few months in our communications has asked me to help her start her own fundraising site.  I know enough about “good” web design to probably land me a mail clerk job at any major web designer, but the one benefit of blogging the past seven months is I understand SEO (search engine optimization you rookies!), and have some knowledge of how websites work.  So when I do not have Sloane or spending my time working on this blog (all of us poor bloggers would agree, it’s fun, it’s challenging, but damn it’s a lot of work!) I have begun creating her a fundraising page.  It’s something I am taking personally to challenge myself to make her proud.  When I get it done I’ll slap this all over my blog that you will have to click on it just to read a story.  Also loyal reader you will donate $25.00 dollars or more for a T-shirt she is having designed, and in May your fat, skinny, lazy, hyper, fitness nut, lethargic, pick an adjective ass is walking somewhere.  Also purple is going to be your new favorite color and you better need a new spoon!   She is hoping to organize a walk here, but it may fall to Indianapolis.  To tell you this woman is ambitious is an understatement, she spends as much time in Cleveland, OH (excellent clinic there, six-seven hour drive from our area) that she could probably file taxes in that state from the past year, and yet is determined to kick Lupus square in the nuts.  She’s going to do it also, and any help she wants from me I’m more than ready to give and offer.  Hopefully by next week it will be live and I’m determined to not let her down.  I got divorced, big frigging deal (yeah it sucked and plenty of emotional baggage to deal with) my physical health was never in jeopardy though.  Get you a day’s worth of Lupus, divorce is like a gnat on a pig’s ass compared to that!






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