Rain, Rain, Go Away!


Good evening it’s another night in Skipah land albeit a frustrating one at that.  For once it doesn’t pertain to my ex-wife, amazing I know, but my grand plan for this evening has hit a road bump due to factors out of my control.  I have a four page paper due tomorrow and an assignment I need to complete to base the paper off of will not load on to my computer!  I’ve emailed IT, the professor, sat on hold with somebody that speaks a different language than me.  Just frustrating all the way around!  American businesses and schools a 24 hour IT help line needs to be manned by individuals that speak proper understandable English.  No this isn’t a rant on any ethnicity, they are citizens and should be treated fairly also.  However, not everybody hears so well on the phone and I’m not well versed in the Indian dialect of English.  I didn’t want to hurt the poor guy’s feelings by requesting someone that I could understand so I took the email approach instead.  I think by the end of the conversation I had made “What” and “Huh” the two most popular words in the English language.  School has been going great up until tonight’s little SNAFU, it’s been fluff welcome back to school entry level stuff designed for 18 year old kids who are just starting their path to adulthood.  No “meat and potatoes” classwork yet, but young and old we all have to learn to crawl before we can walk and that includes online college work.

Weather is still being completely wacky around here I think it was two inches of rain today with more forecast for tomorrow.  It’s rained enough that birds don’t even use their “radar” like senses to dive bomb worms.  They just wait until worms start floating and show their offspring the avian version of “shooting fish in a barrel”, the ground around here is literally that saturated.  At the pace the robins are smorgasbording earthworms now good chance in a month they are going to be too fat to fly.  Throw in that lightning struck a building less than 50 yards from my office today and had me doing a double take to see if I had shit my pants, I’m over this gloomy weather.  If you have never been that close to a lightning strike it is very surreal and very LOUD.  To top it off it fried our data connection at work so no internet means no work emails or any use of the operating system that my company uses.  My line of work that much rain kills the day anyway and I catch up on Facebook, paperwork, reports and I couldn’t even do that!  Thank god for smart phones although AT & T might be laughing the loudest in a few days when I start getting data usage alerts that I know are coming.

Guess who got to stay up past 7:30 yesterday!  Sloane did that’s who, last night, was softball and it didn’t even start until 7:30.  The Little League season officially kicked off and Sloane went a rather robust 0-2 with two strike outs and bump on her wrist because she hasn’t acquired the talent yet to use the bat to hit the ball instead of her wrist (might be due to the lack of practice time who knows), but after some tears and ice and sitting out two innings she was itching to play again.

She nor any of the other seven and eight year old girls turned into zombies!  I even Googled “zombie apocalypse for children emergency kit” so I was prepared should it had broken out.  Thankfully Disney princess Band-Aids and kisses from daddy will have to wait another day.  The highlight of the evening though was after the game when the coach wanted to huddle the players up for that always inspirational “rah rah” speech, her mother was half way to the car with her.  Her team won 6-0, and in an unrelated note I’m smarter than others when it comes to putting a facemask on a helmet.  I got accused of buying the wrong facemask for her batting helmet, I bought it this weekend but didn’t install it.  I figured the college educated one (I’m not their yet) could figure it out.  Every child needs their dad for even the smallest tasks evidently.

20150406_201029  20150406_195401_029  20150406_195309 (1)

20150406_192347  20150406_203658

To keep with the softball theme, guess who else won yesterday!  The Cincinnati Reds that’s who!   No they don’t play softball, but the baseball rules are eerily similar.  I got home in time to watch most of the game with Hammy.  I informed him it was too early in the day to hit the vodka if he wanted to watch the last NCAA game of the year.  He stubbornly agreed and kept asking me why a team would be called the Pirates, and I kept reminding him that he thinks ice hockey is cool.  Before I left to go watch the blonde bomber’s game though he was asking if they had Todd Frazier jerseys in hamster sizes and asked if he could call his Russian contacts to tell them that he had found a sleeper KGB cell.  They have to be Russian they go by the Reds, I’ve frigging seen The Americans!  No Hammy, its called baseball and it’s as American as apple pie!

Hammy was all for Duke (since a Blue Devil won’t eat him), up until I told him that their coach was of Polish descent and this did set him off.  Started bitching about the Warsaw Pact and Polish jokes and I figured he had enough to drink by the time and let him pass out in his cage.  Congrats to Duke for a third title in my state’s capital and now to battle Indiana Wesleyan’s IT department again since I’ve not received any email from them!

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  1. Huh… Wonder what in the world happened to my comment. I was having some issues with getting it to post when I originally wrote it. Anyway, It so sucks that everything seems to be outsourced these days. I just wish they made all of those employees go through a mandatory English as a Second Language course before letting them loose on the phone que! It is soooo frustrating and that only adds to the anger of being frustrated to begin with.

    Poor Sloane! I’m glad she’s okay though and I’m sure the next time she gets a minor softball injury she won’t be as upset. Glad she was “allowed” to participate too!

    Thanks for joining in on the fun over at the #BigTopBlogParty again this week!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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  3. Ugh, this wacky weather needs to stop! It’s rained the whole week so far.

  4. Omg! I just wasted a good 20 minutes writing a comment via my cell phone only to have it disappear! Ugh! Guess I’ll hop on the computer now… To be continued… xx Lysa

  5. It seems to me that the worst storms and lightening always, always, always seem to arrive right about the time I am putting kids to bed. I hear ya on the late nights. My kids are usually starting to go down around 8:30p. That worked great until this school year when my daughter started marching band. Like you, games started at 7:30p–are there no other parents with reasonable bedtimes?

    I’m in the software development industry–get use to the Indian talk. I deal with it all the time. “Hello my name is Joe.” “Hey Joe, this is Fred, where am I reaching you from?” *long silence* “I am from Bombay.”

  6. I just saw on the news that you guys are supposed to get some really bad storms tomorrow (Oklahoma is due today) Be safe, We have huge thunderstorms and hurricanes- but the storms that you guys get that produce tornadoes are scarier to me. Hope the paper get finished, and tell Sloane congrats on the game.

  7. My old job in accounting had me dealing with a lot of “co-workers” who my company outsourced from India. So yeah, I get your frustration with not understanding over the phone, it sucks!

    Hopefully you have the paper done by now and all is well.

    Never been close to a lightning strike and as cool as I thought it might be, I think you just made me think otherwise. Glad you’re alright man! And glad Sloane’s wrist is okay, sorry she didn’t get to join in on her end of game rah rah huddle.

    • I don’t ever have to be near a lightning strike again, I’m like you and thought it would be cool. My whole office had a blue flash and like I said the ensuing boom literally sounded like a cannon went off next to me. No luck on the paper, nobody ever got back to me :(.

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