I took the day off yesterday, had a “me” day.  I haven’t had a me day in awhile.  Actually writing, promoting, and maintaining a blog is work.  It’s kind of a second job now, but I enjoy it.  Yesterday though I just wanted the day off.  Since I’m president, CEO, chief executive of I get to set my own work hours.  I needed a break, like Hammy needed a break.  So we both left each other be yesterday, best I can tell Hammy slept all day.  I cleaned house and watched football.

Once my galloping little girl got home from grandma’s today, she displayed for her grandmother and great grandmother the various forms of cruel punishment she doles out to hammy on a regular basis.  She’s back to school tomorrow, everything gets reset tomorrow as far as schedules go.  No mid week “weekends”, it’s back to the daily grind tomorrow.   Back to the same crappy custody schedule Wednesday and every other weekend.  Won’t have any extra time with Sloane until Spring Break in March.  Eight frigging nights a month, it sucks to think about it, but I’m ahead of the game compared to a lot of divorced dad’s and I’m very thankful for that.  Just wish my ex would go the fifty-fifty route now since she is going to have to stay in the area.

Had some positives going for me this weekend (for once), my second career as a Girl Scout Cookie salesman is off to a good solid start.  Hopefully my next weekend with Sloane we will have some cooperating weather and she can pound the pavement in the neighborhood.  If nothing else I want to kick the ex wife’s ass in cookie sales.  It’s my new goal in life I can’t stress this enough!  I’ve learned since being single that setting small goals are good.  Keeps my mind busy, right now this blog and cookie sales are my goals.  Granted this blog is more of a long term goal, but I’m learning everyday various tactics to be more successful at blogging.  I’m working on some new angles on here to help out the people that helped me out in 2014.  So stay tuned for that, it’s one small way I can say thank you to them for all there assistance.  It actually feels good now to sit here in the evenings and not be mad at the world, mad at the system, mad at the ex, mad at my dumb luck, just mad period.  There isn’t one thing I would want different right now (other than my daughter more).  I’m healthy and happy, I have a game plan for 2015 and can’t wait to execute it.

For now I’m going to wrap it up, I know tonight wasn’t the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but just things that are on my mind tonight.  Once I get out of the this finanacial mess I’m in 2015 is going to be my year!  I fully believe this, my daughter and I live by the motto “have fun”, well that’s Gary’s motto for 2015 also.  Have some frigging fun, I learned how short life can be last year.  Take full advantage of the second chance I was granted, that fact is and never will be lost on me.  I’m a completely different person than I was in June 20, 2014 in a life full of dumb decisions I’ve made that by far was the dumbest.  It was cowardly, selfish, and just STUPID.  This was on my mind today for some reason, and I’m glad it was because I don’t ever want to forget it.  It drives me as a person and a father, I almost threw that away over a selfish bitch.  I haven’t talked about June 20th on here very much(partly because of going through a divorce all summer), but it changed me.  It changed me for the better, makes you appreciate small things in life, you learn to not take things for granted, you don’t sweat the petty shit.  For all my bad luck and woes, I got to spend three days with people that were hopeless and had no will to live.  To say those days were the darkest of my life is an understatement, but I’m glad I went through it!  That was my rock bottom and every day since then is nothing more than a bonus.  I want to treat my second opportunity to help others that had to go through what I did, I’ve been there and have the scars to prove it, and really think I can help.  Maybe I’m just full of myself, but if it helps one father or man who got blindsided then mission accomplished!  Six months ago if you told me I would be a social media whore, and actively looking to help others that had to go through this “process” I would have laughed at  you.  Call it Gary’s personal transformation, but it happened and now it’s MY TIME to pay it forward!

We will get back to humor and wittiness tomorrow, this is stuff that was on my mind today though and I needed to get it off my chest.  I really am wrapping it up now, 5:30 a.m. isn’t to far away!


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  3. I’m not familiar with everything that has been going on, but this blog is a good tool to help deal. I hope this year brings everything you need and want. Live for your kid, and enjoy every moment you have.
    Great post.

  4. Good post. Having the blog to offload on is great…I love that you can do it on a blog..helps so much!
    Glad your second career of pimping out and dealing girl scout cookies is also working for you. 🙂 Now school restarts and routine resets I’m sure there will be lots of positives coming your way!

  5. Gary,
    I don’t know of the details from June 20th, heck I don’t know a lot of details about you from the past 20 years!
    But I have reading your blog a little bit the past few days! Anyway, I just wanted to say, whatever it takes for you to make a better life for you and Sloane is the exact thing you should be doing. If writing a blog is what it takes, then that is absolutely what you should be doing. By reading this post it seems it’s working.

    I hate to hear of the bad things happening in your life, but I am super-stoked to see that you made it through and have learned from it! “It changed me for the better, makes you appreciate small things in life, you learn to not take things for granted, you don’t sweat the petty shit.” this has been my motto since John passed away…..There is nothing that damn bad!

  6. Thank you Al for your help and letting me join your network.

  7. It’s great you have your blog to offload. I hope it will continue to be a support for you. I really hope 2015 is your year. I’m joining you on that motto – let’s have fun! Look forward to reading about the fun times ahead. Keep positive 🙂

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