Running in neutral

Up and at it at 4:30 today, ugh, tried going back to sleep, but it wasn’t happening.  While planning another adventurous day of skydiving, high rolling it in Vegas, and eating fresh crab cakes on the Chesapeake Bay reality smacked me back in the head and I decided what the hell let’s get some shit done!  My first plan of action was a top secret black ops ninja mission, and since ninja’s are invisible in the dark I used the darkness to pull my caper!  After I shake and baked through that successful mission I got back home and cleaned up some things, did a load of laundry, and then decided my traveling office (my truck) didn’t need to be a travelling office anymore and I cleaned it up while I was at it.  Throw in a two mile walk and that got me all the way to 9:00 a.m.  It ended up being one busy day.

With all my traveling today meant a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper fountain drinks.  I think when I convert to Buddhism and I’m reincarnated, I’m going to come back as an official fountain drink guru.  Since this all began I’ve become a freelance expert on what places the best and worse fountain drinks have.  It’s damn near comical now, but nothing beats a cold refreshing Diet Dr. Pepper if the proper combination of carbonation and syrup are used.  I know which places are good and which ones are bad, I ought to write a newsletter and send them to all the stores, or publish something in the paper.  Quick little tangent that I was thinking of, back to the blog.

My daughter asked me to make her cupcakes Wednesday so she could have for lunch this week at school, so of course I obliged.  Was missing one ingredient (I’m all over my pantry inventory) so ran out to get that and whipped up her Oreo cake cupcakes.  She is seven and doesn’t need 20 cupcakes, I informed her mother I would be over to deliver hers, and then doled out the rest to my old neighbor and my unofficial second family so my unofficial nieces and nephew could enjoy them.  Her mother didn’t say a word to me while I was there quite funny actually, comically funny, my daughter just cracking up and talking to me and she was doing her best to keep her head turned away from me and couldn’t even muster a “hello”.  Stay classy dear!  I’m not going away unlike you!  This wouldn’t be my first interaction with her today, as later on we needed to perform a “business” transaction and she tried to avoid me like the plague.  I was finally able to get in contact with her, and we “amicably” met, I didn’t even to get to call her a name (damn)!

The whole day was just kind of surreal for me, I was pretty much productive all day, but it felt like I was getting nothing done if that makes any sense.  It’s was kind of like running around a race track yelling “Help me Tom Cruise!” (You movie buffs will get that one), I look forward to this single lifestyle, but I’m not used to it.  I never really sat still when I was married until the evening.  On the weekends, especially Sunday’s there was a good chance in the morning I was prepping dinner, making dessert, and then running what errands needed run or fine tuning the yard.  My new place it’s too late in the summer to worry about landscaping/gardening the yard, I no longer have  garden to worry about anymore, basically just keep the grass mowed right now is about it.  I’m not making family dinners anymore, and anybody I asked this weekend to come over for dinner tonight couldn’t.  It was like I was searching for something to do all day like I was still actually married.  Legally I am still married, but you know what I mean.  Making cupcakes was some sense of normalcy for me, but I’m used to making a big spread with dessert and that is what used to get my all my attention on a Sunday.  Today it was just me searching for something to do, I actually went for a walk three different times today just to clear my head.  I know the only thing my wife was right about, I can fill a laundry basket pretty damn quick all on my own!  I just don’t like to sit still now, I’m always thinking of what needs done, I’m single but my mind still works like I’m married.  That is going to take time to adjust to, I can’t reprogram my head that quickly, and it’s all I know.  I still think like I’m married when it comes to day to day activities, wish I didn’t but……. It is all I know!!!!

The Reds won today, that’s two in a row!  Maybe there luck and my luck are getting better!!!!!





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