She Did It!

$500.00 was the original goal, Sloane was feeling a tad over exuberant!

Holy crap, among a few other choice words, were some of the first things muttered out of my mouth when I woke up to literally a billion notifications on my phone Monday morning.  I figured April finally had her damn giraffe baby and I was being inundated with media requests to speak at its Bar Mitzvah.  Yes, I have inside intel from an African zoologist that this particular giraffe is indeed Jewish.  She has her own personal rabbi and everything.  Those hopes were quickly dashed though when I learned my St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital phone app had been putting in overtime overnight notifying me of the world donating to the #SloaneSupportsStJudes Mathathon.

I almost had a Billy Dee Williams moment from Brian’s Song with the water works when I was going through the list of donors and how unselfish the loyal fans of the Skipahsphere are.  For you younger folks, we are referring to the original Brian’s Song not that crap they put out last decade.  Sloane was hoping to raise at least $300.00, at $500.00 I promised to volunteer at Walmart for a day.  As of this writing, she is at $520.00 and I think she out raised her whole school combined or came damn close.

First off this isn’t a “competition” and I never intended it to be, St. Jude’s in a word is spectacular.  The fact that some terminally ill child will get to enjoy life for another day with the money Sloane and her school raised is just touching.  If whatever the final tally is helps some researcher secure another grant that can lead to a cure for a childhood disease, all this was more than worth it.  I grew up without a father, yeah it sucked, but I didn’t have leukemia before I knew how to ride a bike so I’m pretty damn fortunate in life.  My daughter, other than a febrile seizure at a young age, has had a healthy upbringing to date.  Sometimes you take this stuff for granted, until you get involved with a group like St. Jude’s, and read stories that make you realize that life is not fair sometimes.

Two weeks ago, I learned of this fundraiser that her school was participating in.  Granted they had known since the beginning of the month, but hey, co-parenting rocks. Upon hearing details of other parents not wanting her to even participate in this wonderful cause, I went from pissed to extremely proud dad hearing Sloane practically begging me to see if I could get her signed up before the weekend deadline approached.  If your child is that passionate about helping the less fortunate and you don’t do all you can to make it happen, then you are being nominated for douche dad of the month sponsored by Summer’s Eve.

Since I keep my super dad cape freshly pressed and nicely hung in the closet for when these moments arise, I sprang into action.  Before the end of the day she already had a $5.00 donation and a fresh ass ripping from her mom.  Do you think she and I cared….NO!  Haters gonna hate, and bitterness just looks more foolish as time goes on.  Sloane’s unselfishness and willingness to help others just makes me grin ear to ear and makes me proud to call her my daughter.  I think a lot of her mental fortitude comes from her keeping me upright when I was going through my divorce, and there is a reason I will tell anyone that will listen I consider her my best friend.  Ask me again in the teenage years, but for now I’ll hold on to these last three years until the day I die.

Again, to everyone that shared Sloane’s cause and donated, a huge hug from Mr. Skipah and Sloane.  If you ever need me to do anything for you, promote a cause, deal with your in-laws, or fly anywhere in the country to watch your kids for a night so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner, hit me up.  Sloane and I are truly in your debt.

I may have slightly “fibbed” though on the $500 threshold.  Walmart evidently only encourages employees to donate their time.  I only learned this from the internet, because the numerous emails I’ve sent them went unanswered.  I called a “truce” with Walmart on my hatred of them and they chose to not honor it.  So, I hate Walmart again!  Don’t worry; I’m volunteering somewhere, any suggestions Skipahsphere?  I am thinking of hitting the local hospital child cancer ward, but I’m far from famous so I would probably just scare the kids back to sleep.

Actually, never mind, instead of guessing who has spent too much time hitting the hippie lettuce before they visit Walmart for discount pricing and hoping they don’t end up on this website, I’ve got a better idea.  Skipah is going to turn into roving journalist (with hospital and parent approval) in the pediatric wing of a hospital and get some real voices of children that may never get to learn how to drive a car.  I’ll make sure to do this on a weekend I have Sloane, because she would hate me if I didn’t involve her.  I’m nobody special, but I owe something like this to those kids and my daughter.  The more attention that I can bring to various diseases that prevent a child from ever learning what Netflix is, it makes my first ever blog post  worthwhile in my blogging career.

About it for now, I can’t stress enough to everybody that made Sloane’s goal a reality how humbled I am.  Her little backwoods school in the middle of nowhere just got little Suzie another day on the dialysis machine.  Hopefully she won’t need it too much longer thanks to St. Jude’s and all of you!  It’s time to pay it forward for this blogger and help as many other children as I can!

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  1. How wonderful Sloane. You’re such a great and supportive dad Gar. Congrats you two. 🙂

  2. YAY! I am happy for her that she stood her ground about doing this. I would try volunteering for your local Ronald McDonald House if you have one. They do great work.

  3. Congrats to your Ms. Sloane for not only reaching her goal but surpassing it!! It feels wonderful to give back or to a hospital that puts it heart where it supposed to.

  4. You and your little angel should visit the childrens ward together. Maybe you could both dress as clowns? Would make the kids realize you are not another doctor in case a kid is having a bad mental day!

    Just make sure you brush up on kids jokes. Knock, Knocks tend to be safe. check out a joke book from the local library and copy some jokes down for help!

    Your time to have your little girl living in your house gets closer every day you go without her! Know it seems like forever, but it will be worth it in the end since you will have her undying love and loyalty!

  5. Way to go, Sloane…..and dad, that’s awesome! Love reading the good news!

  6. This is so great! I love that Sloane is so giving and that you encouraged that. And would it be wrong to admit I giggled a little that her mom was ticked about it when you helped her…but I do hate it for Sloane. Your relationship with your daughter is amazing and the teen years won’t change that, believe it or not. (I know cuz my dad could still do no wrong even when I was a snotty teen…)

  7. Yay Sloane! How awesome?

  8. What a fantastic team you guys make, and for such a worthwhile project. It’s so inspiring to hear the impact making an effort can have.

  9. You are a rock star father!

  10. Wow! I love hearing about kids going above and beyond for other kids. Tell your daughter well done! I honestly wish I could help her cause but we are in the middle of a drawn-out house sale. But I send cheers and prayers! <3

  11. I’m certain you already know this, but you’re raising a fine young woman. Good for her! 😃

  12. Thats awesome and I hope you guys get to go to Disney!

  13. Woot woot. Congrats.
    I don’t think you’ll scare the kids back to sleep 😂😂😂😂. But I do think a kid’s ward is a great idea. Big heart. Keep sharing that big heart and making life better for others.

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