She Said Yes!

Skipah’s PSA for the day.  Do not grab a skillet with a metal handle that has just spent 20 minutes in the oven at a robust 425 degrees Fahrenheit.  (That’s 218 Celsius for my British Buddies).  Definitely don’t do it with your dominant hand!  I’ve got a right ring finger that looks like it’s harboring a fugitive and possibly will not have fingerprints ever again.  Might be time to start a new career as the “Ring Finger Bandit” not sure what capers I could pull off with just a ring finger, but it would be untraceable and a hell of lot of fun trying!

I created new words to describe the pain I was in!  Is that not the sexiest right hand you have ever seen?

My left ring finger was thankful my stupidity brought turmoil and pain to his brother.  It is on its best behavior right now as it prepares for a different kind of branding soon.  These recent days of single digit weather has made my left ringer finger shivering and just wishing for its own gold blanket, so I did something about it this weekend!  Soon my left ring finger will be the envy of many a ring finger when it gets fitted for its own version of gold.  In what is assuredly going to shatter the record for most mentions of ring finger in a paragraph, I’ll end the suspense and just say it.  The Skipah is getting married!

Hmm…….I hope the folks at Shane Co. don’t realize this box is missing for a few more weeks!

The next time Miss Madison and I are out at “da club” or at a wedding reception, if I hear the D.J.  playing some Beyonce and she starts blurting out “All The Single Ladies” Miss Madison can go check her Facebook status instead of making “innuendos” towards me.  I put a ring on it, and much to my surprise she didn’t say no!  For one night in our otherwise mundane lives we even got to own Facebook in our little neck of the woods.   I truly believe half of cyberspace stalks us, because once the status was known our cell phones turned into digital versions of The Boston Pops for a little bit with all the notifications we were getting.

Did I do good?  Bad? 

I guess the divorced dad blogger shtick is going to need a little fine tuning in the future.  This blogger isn’t going anywhere, but I might have to update some bios about myself.  My daughter knew a week ago, when I took her home and she again requested if she could live with me.  I think she is happier that Miss Madison is going to be her stepmom than the fact that her dad is getting married.  I had to make a promise to her though that she gets to witness it.  (Which was the plan anyway.)  She is still a tad bitter on how she got her other stepdad.

As with my previous engagement, this one went off with plenty of bumps.  Mr. Skipah, the romantic, wanted to get dressed up and go to our favorite  Madison, Indiana hangout that we discovered together and treat as our place.  Strike one was the getting dressed up part.  No big deal, we were still off to the G. H. Coffee Company for some of the finest food (we thought) in town.

Who wouldn’t want to get engaged after eating something like this!

Strike two was the night shift cared more about getting everything packed up for the evening three hours early!  The evening staff at the coffee shop was about as friendly as a wild boar.  To add to the misery, whoever was doing the cooking that night should rethink a career running the fryers at Dairy Queen.  We were both a tad miffed that our favorite place in town suddenly decided to have me on the brink of a crappy Yelp review.  Hey asshats, don’t you know I’m trying to propose here!  With the mood ruined and a diamond ring literally going nuclear in my pocket, I was trying to improvise on the fly.

Since it was a balmy five degrees outside, I told Miss Madison of the rumor that the Ohio River was frozen over and her curiosity immediately had her wanting to go check it out.  Of course, the river wasn’t frozen over, nor was there a van down by the river.  Come to think about it, there wasn’t anybody by the river.  So, the gazebo where we first met was immediately out of the question because she probably would have questioned my sanity if I suggested we get out and walk around.  Not quite strike three, in my mind I fouled that one off just enough to see another pitch.

Running out of ideas quickly on the way home, and this ring in the beginning stages of a supernova now, I suggested we pull over underneath the frozen waterfall at Hanging Rock Hill.  I gave her some blogger mumbo jumbo about what a great picture it would be for my blog. This waterfall is quite the little hidden treasure in this part of town and what local girl wouldn’t want to tell the story of their engagement under it?  I can tell you one that doesn’t!  Again, it is worth mentioning the meat in your freezer was probably warmer than the outside air temps.  I swung and missed on that one and all hope for Skipah the modern day Don Juan, was relegated to, “Dammit, I’ve got to propose again at the house!”

I’m sure some young Eskimo lass would find this ideal!

I’ve done this proposal thing twice now and both times my super-duper fool proof plan has been foiled and had to be done at the hacienda.  I at least waited until we were in our birthday suits pj’s to pop the question.  She did her best Chad Brock impersonation and much to my surprise she said yes.

About it for now, we are debating if we should get married in Newport, Rhode Island or London, England and that takes a tons of time to plan!  I might have made that last sentence up, typing this post without a right ring finger available has me suffering from ring finger fatigue!  I will get the research department on this ASAP to see if I can submit this to the Guinness World Record Committee for the most times ring finger has been mention in a blog post!

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  2. Congratulations!!! That’s awesome news, Gary! May this one lasts a lifetime more! How are you surprised she said yes!?!!! Of course she will! 😊😊😊 To the next chapter!

  3. Uh…..did the cheetah and I miss the bachelor party???
    We bought chips and Diet Dr. Pepper……

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  16. It’s such good news! & I don’t think perfectly executed proposals matter that much, personally – if you want to marry someone, it doesn’t matter how or where you are asked, and if you don’t want to, no ‘perfect’ proposal will sort that out!

    Definitely London! 😉 I’m telling you: Friends! Look how much fun that looked!

  17. Glad you proposed. Glad she said yes. And Newport RI is definitely where you should have the wedding. New England is where it’s at and you can have some ‘extra’ surprise guests.

  18. Gary, The ring is beautiful. You done good, guy. All the best to you and Miss Madison… soon to be Mrs.

  19. Are you seriously considering Newport?? I can be your wedding planner! Seriously I’m good at that stuff! And we can have the pre-wedding BSL<3 party at my house!!
    I am so very happy for you both, and for Sloane. True love does exist. <3

  20. Congratulations! You certainly deserve this happiness, both of you!

  21. Congratulations again!!

    Heh my husband tried to be sweet and attempted to use our 15 month old toddler to help in the proposal (while I was 9 months pregnant and CONSTANTLY cranky). Needless to say, things did NOT go according to plan, but we laugh about it now. All that matters is the love that’s there 🙂

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  23. Aww, I don’t like this post! I LOVE it!
    I’m so happy for you both, and after last year I need some happy! 🙂

  24. Congratulations, Gary. My hubby proposed to me after I was in a fairly serious car accident. He got me home and settled in bed (bruised kidney and other niceties). While I was nicely buzzed on morphine he took my hand and said, “I’m not prepared for this but I thought I lost you today so will you marry me?” 15 years later I keep trying to tell him that it was the morphine talking….LOL. Good luck on the Guinness record too!

  25. Huge congrats to you both! I’m very happy for you Gary, wishing you both a life of fun, health and lots of happiness. 🙂

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  27. Congratulations to you both! Wishing you many wonderful happy years together. xx

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    That’s great, Gary! I’m delighted for you. Miss Madison (soon to be Mrs. Skipah!) and you make a great couple.

    p.s. Sorry about your other finger.

  30. Congratulations!! 😀🎉🥂🍾🎈

  31. Great way to start off the New Year, finger burn and lousy restaurant notwithstanding. Congratulations! Best wishes for a wonderful future.

  32. Wow! Congrats you old ex-divorced dad! lol

  33. Congrats Gary! Awesome news…the ring thing, not the skillet. I grabbed a piping hot skillet without protection once…once.

  34. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S! Woohoo — I’m doing the Snoopy Happy Dance for you both!

  35. The left ring finger need not be jealous. It’ll burn for a long time all on its own. Jk, of course. Congratulations on your engagement! All the best 🙂

  36. Fantastic! Congratulations and may you have a wonderful life together. Your blog is really interesting, starting with the hardship and pain you went through and later, finding love again. How encouraging. Really great!

  37. Oh that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

  38. London and make sure you tell me in plenty of time for me to get a ticket. I wish you every happiness in the world you are clearly a match made in heaven

  39. Well, it’s about time you put a ring on it. You are one lucky man to have landed such a beautiful and understanding woman! I’m on the side of a lovely Newport, RI wedding! Because, you know that…I’ll be there for you!

  40. congrats man. Best of luck to you both

  41. I’m so thrilled for you both! 😀
    I think it’s a lovely ring and I think she’da said yes without it, but it’s lovely.
    That chowder looks good. I’d marry that chowder 😉

    • Actually that is potato soup with oyster crackers and it is delicious :). That’s what so great about her she would have said yes without it, I’m the old fashioned one that had to make sure I had some bling for her :).

  42. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both.

  43. Congratulations! I’m sure the kiddos are super excited!

  44. Congratulations! I’m sure the kiddos are excited!

  45. I loved seeing this the other day, it was only a matter of time. I can only imagine the kids on both sides being excited about the news. Congrats to you both man!

  46. Congrats and hoping for many happy years for all of you.

  47. Congratulations! 🍾🎉🎊

  48. Congratulations! Wishing you both good wishes.

  49. So, I guess the second marriage required Hell (or is that Indiana) to be frozen over…

    Mazal tov!

  50. Congratulations.

    If you go back and substitute Guinness for ring finger you might get a sponsored post and a marriage ceremony in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. The home of the black stuff. 😀😀

  51. You did good. Lovely ring! And the fact that you put so much THOUGHT into the proposal (even if it didn’t go as planned again and again and again) earns mega points!! Congratulations!

  52. Exciting times ahead Mr Skipah! 😊 I am really thrilled for you both. Great proposal story – when my husband proposed I went all giggly as I just didn’t expect it – we were shopping in the High Street, he proposed outside the jewellers then we went in & bought the ring! That was nearly 12 years ago now! (2nd time for us both) 😊

  53. So excited for you both! Thanks for sharing how you proposed.

  54. Congrats to you and Miss Madison!! How wonderful for both of you and the new Mrs.! I’m sure she was just fine with being proposed to at the house! Can’t wait for the wedding post!

  55. I am so ridiculously excited for you all! Funny post as usual, but I detect a smidge of sentimentality this time.

  56. You finally DID IT!! Your little girl will have a wonderful step-mom. At least she wasn’t studing for a huge exam the next day. My love of my life caused me to flunk a big test making me drop the class!

    Did she show off her engagment ring at her work the next day? Am suprised she didn’t get the balls to ask you first! ou took SO LONG to get to the point of asking her.

    Congradulations you 2 (or 3 if you count your daughter)! Keep us all posted on the internet…

  57. Congratulations to you Gary and Madison! What an amazing blessing to have found happiness with a wonderful woman who adores both you and your daughter.

  58. Many congratulations to you both. Which magazine gets the exclusive?

  59. Now we have your fingerprints bwah ha ha ha. No really, I love this story and I’m sure I will love all of the ones to come. So happy for you both. PM me for my address for the wedding invite.

  60. Congratulations! I remember my proposal to my wife. I was so excited, like a little puppy with a new toy, I just got it out and proposed. Whilst she was grating cheese!!

  61. Félicitations! Heureusement que le mariage n’a pas lieu en Allemagne ou Autriche car l’Alliance se met à la main droite 👏

  62. Congrats! What a fun proposal story from the other side. 🙂

    Sorry about your hand… eeek!

  63. Way to go!!! By the way, I remember the river freezing over, back in ’78 I believe. It was surreal seeing people walk across it. I was only 10, but I recall thinking those fools are nuts! The Ohio is very wide, and swift. Not a river to play with. Anyway, glad she said yes! 😃

  64. Congratulations! May you never return to divorced-dad-blogger-status again, and forever remain in former-divorced-dad-status! 😀

  65. Congratulations to you both, wishing you much much mucho happiness !

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