Skipah is Going to War!

There will be no satirical hamsters stories tonight, there will be no softball stories (she rocked it at practice), and no Skipah’s dating life adventuresThe editorial staff is taking a break and Skipah is about to come unchained.  Child abuse in all forms is sadistic and cruel both mentally and physically.  I never knew how much until after I picked up my child today.  This is the same girl that is seven years old (going on 30), loves both her parents unequivocally, and kicks ass in school and socially.  All while juggling fantasy land in her head from the completely crazy bullshit her mother feeds her.  I’m going to court May 13 for this very blog that once again I state has never mentioned her name or her hillbilly deadbeat dad boyfriend.  I’m not bitter at all, those two can run away forever and drink Ale 8 in champagne flutes and sing Loretta Lynn songs while boring each other to sleep by 8:00 p.m. every night.

Why am I going to court over petty bullshit?  I have to be found unfit, for the yet to be announced court date coming at the end of the summer.  Sloane informed me tonight that her mother is getting married, and she and Mr. Wonderful are getting a house in podunk Kentucky.  Congratulations on being wife number five, I am sure your parents would be so proud.  Also please own that fifth title and quit telling our daughter you will be number four.  I don’t care if his first one was arranged or not (so the story goes), four legal divorces is four.  You already skewed her sweet tender mind on how cool it is to get married.  I have to tip toe a line without completely making you out to be the unfit mother you are.  We don’t tell lies at dad’s house unless it involves the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus.

Back to court, why the character assassination on me and my words?  Because in the process of becoming a frequent visitor at the rest stop on Interstate 64 and the Bert T. Combs Parkway she willingly gave up Wednesday night and Sunday nights on my weekends so she could go learn the different shades of denim and how to coexist with a 23 year old daughter, a mom, and a 48 year old diabetic with a bad heart and bad eyes due to diabetes.  She needs that time back at the end of the summer to pull of her latest and greatest caper.  Indiana is a 50/50 state when school is out unless one of the parents is in jail or a moron.

Sloane also informed me tonight that the ex-plans on buying a house (she can’t she is in bankruptcy), and that Sloane gets a bunk bed and gets to move to some remote part of Kentucky because a judge is going to rule in mommy’s favor.  She doesn’t quite grasp that she will be extracted from all of her friends and family.  Her mother even told her she would still get to do Brownies!  You dumb lying bitch, why don’t you go ahead and at least tell her it will be with a whole new set of girls if you get your way?

I will fight to the death to keep her in Floyd County, Indiana!  No piece of shit deadbeat is going to be raising my daughter!  I’m willingly going to let my daughter go stay with someone that barely keeps in contact with his 13-14 year old son?  A dipshit that raised a daughter that has multiple kids with multiple fathers by the age of 23?  The most recent child doesn’t even have a father listed on the birth certificate.  I have to expose my daughter to this?  Who himself is old enough to be her grandpa?  I don’t effing think so!  Your job requires you to leave town from time to time you think I’m going to accept someone with documented health problems and a proven track record off shitty fathering be in control of my daughter?  I already knew you lost your mind, it became apparent the last few months but I think it is time you check into a mental ward.  Our child is going to school next year in the third grade with the same kids she has for the past three years.  The only one who is ashamed to be there is you!  This is what a pattern of lies and someone to call you out on them does.

Let’s go to war you selfish unworthy mother, you never beat me at anything while we were married no reason to stop that streak now.  Send this post to your lawyer you seem to have become my biggest fan!

Get over me already!  I’ve got so many people in my corner these days I don’t really care what kind of shit you try to pull.  You almost destroyed me but you didn’t, you will not destroy our greatest creation while we were married.  Frankly I am sick of you screwing with our daughter’s mind, you hate getting called out on this website?  My advice is start thinking of Sloane, you’ve gone from Mrs. Oxford shirts to hillbilly redneck denim jackets.  Go crank up your Hank Williams Sr. and leave our daughter out of it.

Your man is a shitty father (it will be proven), you are a shitty mother these days, you have failed miserably as the PTO Vice President, and you love your prescription pills (well played getting me on a script for Clonazepam before the divorce you failed to capitalize on it).  In your lust, you forgot who used to set up all the online accounts, not my responsibility to change passwords junkie.  Sloane Gabriella Mathews will be staying in this sector of the world, you can choose to be with her in it or you can go off to BFE Kentucky and let me raise her right.  You have picked another fight with me that you will not win!

The great thing about blogging is all the contacts you make.  Especially with local media who love a good story about a dad trying to raise his daughter right!  Corporations hate bad publicity.   Ball is in your court you selfish idiot.  Do not destroy my only child any more than your already have.  You have just been put on notice, she’s is always going to be daddy’s little girl.  Rob me of that and you will get your own “shock and awe” treatment.  This isn’t a threat, this is I was always smarter than you and I will prove it.  I’m done with living in a box with you, leave this blog alone.  You aren’t taking my daughter to BFE Kentucky, you aren’t robbing her of her friends and family, and whatever a judge says on May 13 and future dates this website isn’t going away!  She was born a Hoosier and she will always be a Hoosier until she grows old enough to make her own decisions!

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  5. Like you said, you don’t mention any real names. There’s nothing they can do. You got this.

  6. I am on your side and wish you nothing but success. But I would suggest you ask your counsel to check out your blog and make sure you don’t put yourself at risk with anything here.
    You probably haven’t, but sometimes funny things happen with laws and lawyers so…

  7. Good luck! It’s a shame that grown adults have to behave in such a childish manner regarding a completely, legal, well written blog. You are very discrete. If she can’t deal with the bruised ego, that sounds like an issue to take up with a therapist, not a lawyer.

  8. I’m not seeing a way to make a graceful exit here, Gary. I wish you strength for the fight ahead!

  9. Holy hell, to call your ex “selfless” would be putting it nicely! Never cool to take your kid away from their school and friends, especially when it’s not necessary AT ALL!

    Sure wish I had something to offer to ensure the court rules in your favor, but either way, I don’t know how anyone (judge or jury) can think you’re not the best dad ever and a much better parent overall!

    Hang in there, like you’re already doing so well, and keep us all updated on this awesome blog that will go no where!

    • Thanks for your support! I’m not going to blog with a noose over my head. I’ll stand behind every damn thing I’ve ever posted. You only know who my ex wife is because I told you through FB, some reader in Butte, Montana has no idea who is being referred to. It’s my story and I will tell it how I see fit, if she wants to combat it then start her own damn blog!

  10. Wow! I hope the judge reads this blog start to finish and sees the incredible growth that has happened within you throughout this past year. Hell, within the past 3-4 months that I’ve known you personally, I’ve seen a big change. Hold your chin up and never forget God’s love and the power of prayer. Karma’s a bitch, and one day when she’s older, sloane will recognize that you are a very selfless person as shown in the way you are raising her.

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