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Well, what a three day weekend it was.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.  First off I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to honor all men and women who fought for us over the years so we could enjoy three days weekends and various other things in life.  I’ve got problems you’ve got problems, we all have problems.  You know what it sure in the hell beats speaking German or Russian!  So thank you from Skipah to all the veterans and active military and to those families of service members that paid the ultimate price.

Quirky Memorial Day for yours truly, though, for the first time in 15 years I was set to go to a job interview.  No it wasn’t to run the day to day operations of the Cincinnati Reds (I’m about as qualified as anybody right now, we suck), it also wasn’t for a Katy Perry roadie position, no it was at the local supermarket known as Kroger in my sector of the world.  Part time position, I wrote long ago that I thought I had a bead on a position at the orange store (Home Depot) however that fell through because it interfered with my day job.  When they laid on their best “we’d love to have you” campaign speech I asked them if they were willing to pay me what I make at my regular job.  That was quickly responded to with a “Thanks for coming in”, back to today, though, I put on my best corduroy pants and tie-dyed t-shirt and off to my interview I went.  One small problem, though, the recruitment center scheduled me for the store across town not the one two blocks from my house.  This being Memorial Day nobody at corporate was available to fix the SNAFU so I have to get on that tomorrow.  From the way it sounded though they are flexible with my custody and regular job status.  So who knows in a week or so I may be pimping Kroger, and might want to get to know the cashier Ashley a little better.

The ultimate highlight of the day though was once again the consistent battle I am having with my mower.  I’ve tried everything under the sun to get this damn thing running.  It’s BRAND NEW just two years old with probably less than three hours on it.  I’m “that neighbor” right now and I hate it.  I could just let it keep growing and run a wildlife preserve.  Skipah’s Serengeti sounds kind of catchy, we could have various Garter snakes, squirrels, rabbits, and various other critters of southern Indiana as the featured animals.  Since tomorrow’s weather sounds between duck worthy and a poncho salesman’s wet dream I don’t see anything getting done tomorrow with it.  Wednesday is softball and Sloane, so it will be at least Thursday before I either get the mower running or having to man up and hit it with the weed eater again.  Can a brother catch a break!

About it for tonight still recouping from Saturday, in an unrelated note getting old SUCKS.  Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend and didn’t eat too many burgers and dogs.  I got asked to make a dessert and hate to disappoint so I did make a no bake peanut butter and cream cheese with chocolate whipped cream pie.  Peanut butter, chocolate, and cream cheese what could possibly be wrong with that!  The answer is nothing, it was delicious, and luckily not much of it remains in the house.  Off to bed so I can deal with that oh so familiar “work” hangover all of us have to endure after a three day weekend.

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  2. Damn, Gary! If I were your wife, I’d be fat with all the goodies you know how to cook/bake!

    Good luck with the part time position. Although you’d be busier, it sounds like a social environment would be lots of fun! And lots of hotties go to the grocery store! 😉

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  4. Good luck with the job! My mom worked at Kroger’s for quite a while, and I know quite a few friends who work there. They seem to be a decent second job, although I wouldn’t rely on it for only income. Also, I’m seeing Skipah’s Serengeti as a wonderful marketing opportunity…

  5. Funny how quickly companies change their mind about loving you as soon as money is involved. Everyone is so greedy.

  6. Oh man, a second job? Will we still see you around the blog world? Too bad Home Depot didn’t accept, then you’d have a good “in” for a new mower.

    Rest up, enjoy the week and your upcoming time with Sloane, and good luck on getting the job man!

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