Cancer is ugly in all facets of life, actually all afflictions in life are.  When you hear of a child acquiring cancer or some other catastrophic disease it literally melts your heart unless you aren’t human.  Money has been raised for research and cures, but sadly not enough.  Now somebody I know better than most is wanting to raise some money herself and all the proceeds are going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Sloane, my little future P.H.D., and her classmates recently joined in St. Jude’s Math-A-Thon fundraiser to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful organization and I promised her I would do my best to help her school raise as much money as possible.

Here is the skinny, you donate some of your hard-earned funds, and Sloane and her classmates will literally hit the books and up their math skills.  I think we’ve all seen enough epic math failures any time we are out shopping or getting gas.  Help the next generation out by donating to St. Jude’s and making sure they can correctly give out change if they happen to work in some form of retail when they get older.  How many times have you gone through a checkout line for something that costs $2.76 and you hand them $3.01 to get that quarter returned and they look at you like you just asked them to explain the Theory of Relativity to you?

Square root of 81 is nine, c’mon dad give me a challenge!

If she can hit the magic $25.00 plateau she gets a medal.  For every $50.00 dollar bill Sloane can raise she gets an entry into some super luxurious trip to Walt’s overpriced Mouse House..aka Disney , not my cup of tea but this isn’t about me.  If she was lucky enough to win we are going there pronto.  Throw in a T-shirt and many other lavish prizes for her the more she raises and you get the idea.

Donations start at as little as five bucks.  It’s America’s favorite time of the year, also known as “I just got my tax return check, let’s go to Cancun.” Before you start booking flights and shopping online for a sombrero remember some kids aren’t so fortunate and would treat a trip outside of a hospital as a vacation.  Just whip out your plastic enter whatever you feel comfortable with, and voila you can feel good about yourself and you can use the receipt via email for your tax return next year as a charitable donation so who knows your 2018 return check might be enough to travel abroad for a year.

Even better St. Jude’s has a ton of corporate partnerships.  If you can find it in your heart to throw a little coin there way click here to see if your employer offers a matching contribution.  If they don’t you should urge them to quit being stingy and help a kid out.

My daughter thinks her school can raise the most, and while I doubt that is going to happen, I’m encouraged by her positive thinking and the fact she is so unselfish.  I’m proud and fortunate every day that her positivity no matter what the situation is, she shines through.  This fundraiser was completely her idea, I just learned of it this morning, and I would need to turn in my dad card if I didn’t do all I could for her to get the message out.  Before anyone questions why I just found out about it……stay tuned.  #Foreshadowing

Click this link to donate, again you can donate as little as five bucks or 5,000,000 (I’m talking to you Bill Gates) dollars.  Thanks, in advance from Mr. Skipah and Sloane and please share all over the internet.  If you really want to make my daughter’s day include the hashtag #SloaneSupportsStJudes.  If Sloane and I can raise $300.00 dollars Mr. Skipah will shoot a Facebook Live/Periscope video of Sloane covering me in silly string.  I might mention we have a freeze warning in my geographical sector of the planet tonight.  If Sloane and I can hit $500.00 in paper printed from the U.S. treasury this guy will volunteer as a Walmart greeter for a day.  The video of that might just go viral!    The fundraiser ends on March 24th, so go find your wallet/purse and think of this kid!

BJ’s wholesale website - DHGate.com
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  3. That’s a great cause. I support fund-raising for our local Hospice (UK) in a way I am about to blog about very soon. So wonderful for children to be thinking this way – you must be so proud of your daughter.

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  5. This is so great. And I love that Sloane likes maths – so many kids don’t! I tried to donate but it won’t accept the address for my card due to postal code so I’m guessing it won’t allow donations from out of the US?

  6. Your daughter and her classmates are amazing!!! It is so important for our kids to know how to be kind and care about others going through so much.

  7. I’ve lost both parents and a brother to cancer and I can’t imagine losing a child to this horrible disease. Sloane is a wonderful example of how children can be caring and giving. Perhaps the future of the world isn’t as bad as we thought with people like Sloane in the world.

  8. What a great lesson for your daughter!!
    We actually toured St. Jude’s when we were in Memphis, and it’s an amazing facility!! It makes you happy to give!

  9. What a great organization! They are in our estate plan and in fact get 75% of our estate.

  10. Sloane is an amazing young lady! Sending positive thoughts for Many blessings and much success for her life! Also passing the word along!

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  13. I love that you care and take this action!

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  15. Go Sloane, what a great cause! I’ll try to pitch in soon man! Until then, sharing is a given.

    • I know deep down you are ready to laugh your ass off watching me get doused with silly string :). Seriously, though I haven’t seen her this passionate about something. “Dad I love math, and I want to help” is what she said to me. #ILoveThatKid

  16. Being a greeeter for Walmart is literally pure torture if you are not a people person like I am not!

    Unfortunately, my cards are all maxed out due to medicines so I cannot donate to this worthy cause. Wonder why she chose not to join your colon cancer team? Females and children can get it too!

    At least your little girl has her heart in the correct place. She will grow up to acheive wonderful accomplishments in the future. Planning on using her in your nuptials? She is a little big for a minature bride, but has flower girl potential!

  17. I’m going to share to help her get some support.

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