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After a not so liberating morning of checking out various vehicles for sale, bitching and moaning, and wondering just what kind of I chick magnet I would look like in a Prius it dawned on me that I was going to be in need of some temporary wheels in the short term.  That only meant one thing, time to get on my new favorite website  I’ve seen more Star Trek Captain James T Kirk the last three months than the biggest Trekkie in the world.  The rental gods blessed me today though for I got a 2015 Ford Fusion for a bargain basement deal only a few bucks more a day than the Chevy Spark (aka the death trap).  If nobody remembers the odyssey that was the Chevy Spark you can relive it here, the Fusion is a rocket ship!  I was doing 80 on the way home without so much as bending my foot.  More bells and whistles than the county fair.  Reality is going to suck when I’m driving a 2002 Chevy Cavalier or something similar in a few days, but in the mean time it’s going to be fun cruising around in this vessel.

My master plan I hatched a couple of weeks ago came back today with unexpected results.  Yes in the state of Indiana it is O.K. to have your child housed in a domicile that has abestos in the house, full of mold, and wired like a tinder box.  The state of Indiana is perfectly O.K. with it, now I’m sure if the father of a child had these same conditions he would be hosed, but I digress.  Back to the drawing board, square one, or whatever other overused cliche comes to mind.  Absolutely criminal my ex continues to house our daughter there.  Never mind the fact that every time I have my daughter every damn blanket just flat out stinks.  Since I only had her Wednesday this week I didn’t have the proper time to wash everything, I just wish her mother would quit accepting this as the norm and think of her daughter a little more.  Oh well, that ship sailed months ago I just keep holding out false hope that she will!

Tomorrow should be very interesting as I’ve got targeted a few vehicles to go test drive, look at, etc…   I hate vehicle shopping almost as much as I hate painting!  It’s an evil neccessity right now, but I’m just not one to play the “game” like others are.  Just give me your best damn price and lets talk business.  After that it’s probably a hamster for Sloane and not the guinea pig but I still haven’t made up my mind.  I waver back and forth, hamster is in the lead though (they are much cheaper) and with those savings I can buy a cooler cage and acccessories.  Plus if something “tragic” would happen to a hamster he/she would be much easier to replace.  By the way how in the hell do you tell if your hamster is a he/she?  I actually thought about a baby duck or chicken, but unfortunately those things grow up FAST and I don’t live on a farm, but they are cute!  I might just keep a running diary tomorrow of my car shopping adventures so stayed tuned for that if it is anything worth writing about.  Got a couple of individuals to see and a couple of dealers (a.k.a. used car salesmen) so tomorrow if anything should be “interesting”.  In the meantime I may just go hit the town tonight and look like I’m a big shot in my 2015 Ford Fusion, just kidding but damn that car is awesome!


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  1. I would have told you to grab a red 1957 T-bird so you could roll like Dan Tanna did in “Vega$”

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