Softball & Bunk Beds


I did have the blonde bomber last night!  Woo hoo welcome home Sloane!  For only the fourth night this month (and Mother’s Day was brief) did I have the luxury of entertaining my daughter.  We drew the late game in softball last night, and I’m one proud papa!  She made contact all three times, reached base three times, and hit the hardest fair ball of her life.  Scored two runs also, but her team got bludgeoned 14-5.  They didn’t play bad at all and actually whipped the team they played earlier in the year.  I think since last time they got on a 1970’s East German swim team training regimen and I did notice a few girls suddenly had mustaches!  They were knocking the hell out of the ball, by the end of the game I was ready to have the league president check birth certificates.  Sloane usually plays the outfield (she’s not quite as good as most of the other girls) and she got more action in one game than she has all year.

I do believe though she is going to grow more confident in softball seeing the leaps and bounds she has made since moving up a level gives me a big puffy heart.  After her first few practices she got to attend and the first game I never thought she would reach base this year.  I’m so damn glad I was wrong!  I’ve asked around also that coach I’ve waxed poetic about before he’s been teaching area softball girls for a while now at this age and nobody has one bad word to say about him.  A couple of people even told me their child learned most of what they know about softball from him.  Also his youngest girl is on the team, Sloane’s age, and I’m pretty sure this is his last year at this level as he will continue with his daughter I’m sure.  If Sloane really does take a shine to softball and gets to come up with this coach I’m seeing college scholarship somewhere in ten years!


The most charming part of our evening though was when she told me that she doesn’t want to move to Kentucky.  She was told by somebody that I’m going to get in trouble for talking her out of moving to Kentucky.  All I told her was the truth that she wouldn’t see her friends anymore, nor her grandparents, nor her dad except on the weekends.  If I get in trouble for that then my Wave 3 (Louisville media) contacts will most certainly get an email or text.  I’m done watching my daughter’s world get confounded on lies and bullshit.  She asked me if I would get her a bunk bed if she gets to stay here because she was told she wouldn’t be able to have a bunk bed with a slide after being promised one if she has to stay with me.  I informed her she still gets to stay at that other place there is no reason she couldn’t have one.  It’s been almost a year, be a better father is what I was told, a complete crock of shit in hindsight but guess what #winning.  Yeah I just went hashtag!

I won’t go into detail on how awful bedtime was last night but anybody that wants to know, can contact me.  Screw this shit, I’m over it.  I choose my words carefully now, but last night frigging sucked and it had nothing to do with me.  Well played is all will say, I’ve still got the ace in the hole and it’s not quite time to play it.

About it for tonight, I’ve got a nurse I need to reply to and lottery numbers to predict.  Plus I just found out Katy Perry Prismatic world tour is coming to Netflix on June 26.   I don’t think it was taped in Russia, but who knows I might just play a part in the next world tour!

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  2. Sloane the athlete… Maybe future college scholarship??? 🙂

    Kentucky… Don’t get me even started. Why can your ex just have a civilized conversation with you to discuss these items? It’s terrible for these things to go through your child!

  3. I really hope she gets to stay with you. I mean who wants to go to Kentucky? Really now.

  4. Right on, Sloane, way to turn up the heat! Congrats to her team and to you for having a future softball star as a daughter!

    Good to hear she isn’t up for the move, but sorry to hear things didn’t go so well at bedtime. I can’t imagine how hard that is, but think you’re doing the right thing and will come out on top once this is over. Hang in there man!

    • Bedtime absolutely broke my heart and I couldn’t do anything about it :(, hopefully she takes to softball I have gotten the biggest kick out of watching her grow into an “adequate” player this year.

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