Editors note:  This was to originally to post on Friday, April 3 but since where I live I can’t get decent internet service it had to wait until today to post.  Also none of the images on this post are mine, except for the crappy shit my daughter eats for lunch.

It was a surreal day in my little sector on the world.  Overnight we got rain that I can only describe as biblical.  Three to four inches fell, it was bad enough Noah has doubled production at the Ark shipyard and everyone is required to work a mandatory two shifts.  They had to cancel school today in Louisville and it was actually warranted.  Roads were flooded,  or washed out, boat rescues; it was like a bad natural disaster documentary that Morgan Freeman would be narrating.  Interstates 64 & 65 had to be closed at various times because the water was coming up so fast. We are used to flooding in the low-lying areas around the Ohio River and nearby creeks, but this was absolutely crazy.

Then to top it off one of the area’s largest employers GE had a building catch on fire that any one in a 20 mile radius could see the smoke plume.  After the winds got a hold of it you could actually smell and taste burning debris.  This is a day after the president visited Louisville and caused traffic nightmares that even Californians would have said “Damn that sucks”; someone actually had a baby while sitting on the interstate yesterday evening.  Thank god a nurse was nearby stuck in the same traffic jam and was able to help.  Mom and baby are doing fine last I heard.  It’s just been surreal today!

Interstate  7356060_G  11102681_792933000784456_6244561604068223173_n  11060101_10200246532681244_5359734435723495511_n  12809_1023261617684208_2369360821436361561_n  10253915_930956150289628_925512178403020913_n  18098_10153141257313686_2409908387520308021_n  (FYI, my photo editing skills suck)

Odd year, which means Sloane is with good old dad for the Easter weekend.  We had a quaint dinner at Wendy’s, I know how romantic, it’s what she wanted!  Plan A was for her to spend the night with her grandma as I have to work tomorrow but that fell through due to pneumonia and a 102 fever.  Instead she is probably driving my good friend’s nuts now.  Sloane is attending her second sleepover ever at this very moment.  Last time it was at the same house, but it was for an all-girls slumber party and this was just days after learning her parents were divorcing.  Tonight they are probably watching Frozen for the umpteenth time and overdosing on root beer.  Many thanks to that family for stepping up and helping me out so I didn’t have to rearrange my work schedule tomorrow.  Sloane and I will continue our march tomorrow after I get off work to redefine the rules of “having fun!”

Guess what though I got to take her to softball practice tonight, as I was looking at the clock zoom past 7:30 I realized she did not turn into a vampire like her egg donor thinks she will become.  Her coach is frigging amazing, this was an indoor batting practice and in a swift five minutes she was hitting the ball harder than she ever had.  I only wonder with all the many practices she has missed how much better she would be progressing.  This coach knows what he is doing, I did have a talk with him explaining that Sloane is under martial law if I don’t have custody of her and 7:30 is the magic time!  I gave the excuse the egg donor is protecting her from the zombie apocalypse she has been reading about in her self help novels.  He said he would schedule practice time with Sloane the best he could, but he has no control of the schedule of the games.  First game Monday at 7:30, this shit could get real interesting!

Never mind I pay child support, all the extra curriculars are supposed to be split among her parents.  So far for softball I’ve not received one dime.  Registration $85.00, field face mask $30.00, by Monday she will need cleats ,since I’m sure she’s outgrown her current pair, and a new helmet or a face mask attachment on her current helmet.  Egg donor hasn’t responded to my text if she is going to get either of these, and I terribly doubt she will.  Mr. Skipah who holds joint custody of eight days a month during school that pays $172 a month in child support (a bargain, TRUST ME) is going to be on the hook to make sure she has the required equipment for a game Monday that she probably won’t even get to play in.  Sounds totally fair to me!

Speaking of child support, it is supposed to go towards the well-being of the child and I’m not shucking that duty at all I’ve mentioned many times what a piece of shit my father was (FYI if you are new to this site that post defines me to this day), but when you go visit your daughter at lunch and you see all this junk for lunch you get kind of pissed.


That’s Cheetos, a Little Debbie brownie, cookies, blueberries that a few had busted so my ever picky daughter decided she didn’t want any of them, and ham she didn’t want.  She told me she wanted roast beef, I don’t get the luxury of packing her lunch.  The Nestle’s was her classmates, Thursday was a competition of who could eat the shittiest brown bag lunch of the children that didn’t eat the school provided lunch.  Had I known about this contest I would have made sure to throw in some Twinkies, two moonpies, and a pound of Twizzlers, (if we are making it a competition the goal is to win right?)  All I can say is the chicken noodle soup wasn’t too bad and the salad was delicious.  Cue up going ape shit crazy!

I had other things that were on my mind tonight, but stupidity of others never ceases to amaze me.  Egg donor wants to move her out of school, move her to central Kentucky with man who lied about is income to get out of child support (documented), and is trying to take my best friend away from me.  My daughter gets more one on one time with me than she does with her mother and she has the majority of custody.  I’ll write another post on that another day (tomorrow?), but Mrs. Sloane you are my beacon, my fire, and my daughter one day when I let you read everything I have wrote you will understand how much I went through to keep you in my life as much as I can, and your mother has done all she can to rob me of being your father and still continues to this day!

Now cue up the lawyers!



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  1. It’s the best thing about being a blogger, or at least for me it it, I know one day the boys will read all that I have done for and with them. But the best bit is that she’ll know anyway. Kids are so resilient; it’s so surprising how strong they are. Keep going…You’re doing brilliantly.

  2. We had some crazy weather this week!!!

  3. I agree with the other comments, Sloane is a rock star for handling this so well. I know how much disdain you have for the ex, but hopefully you don’t speak ill of her in front of Sloane. I always slammed my ex-step-dad in front of my little half-brother and it only made matters worse for my mom and me. I should’ve just bit my lips and let my VERY STRONG feelings of hate go.

    Speaking of, that lunch is more than crap! Pets get better than that, even Hammy. So yeah, I was “going” (sorry, had to) ape-shit crazy starting with Wendy’s. Keep on keepin’ on, man, you and that beautiful girl of yours are doing great!

  4. Hang in there! Sloane won’t need to read anything to know how much you love her. Good luck keeping her local.

    And I agree, that lunch was surreal.



  5. Sloane has been amazingly resilient throughout this past year. Keep on doing the right things by her, as I know you will, and truth and goodness shall prevail!

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