You know it is going to be a good day when the manager at Circle K is feeling too lazy to stop filling coffee machines to ring your 85 cents and says “Just take it”.  Granted the “Buy 2500 Polar Pops get one free” promotion ended months ago, but it was a nice tip of the hat to a loyal customer.  Just woke up today with one of those “feeling it” kind moods.  Feeling what I have no idea, but just had a little bounce in my step, maybe the guy who runs the “bad luck karma department” finally got laid off or transferred to some rural part of Kentucky.  I was looking forward all day to this evening and the daddy-daughter dance (more on that in a bit), but it was definitely a good day.  Sometime mid morning I received an email from the lady that ran the teacher’s luncheon yesterday requesting my apple cheesecake recipe.  It’s the little things in life that can put the biggest smile on your face, and this one did.  Throw in I had not one whiny truck driver to deal with at work on a rather steady day for January and all in all to quote Ice Cube “I gotta say today was a good day!”

I am volunteering at Sloane’s school again on February 24th, and wouldn’t you frigging know it cinnamon apples are on the menu again.  Maybe 20% of the kids Tuesday wanted a serving of cinnamon apples, but I will sling them to the children with a smile on my face.  I have the same co-pilot that day also that I had on Tuesday, maybe we will switch it up after I undergo the rigorous graduate school level class on serving a peanut butter sandwich.  My copilot has actually became a very good friend.  Our daughters are classmates, brownies, and we both have an affinity for silly movie quotes.  Coincidentally, twenty years ago we would have been mortal enemies, but that shit is childish in “silly game of life” (Mongo from Blazing Saddles) in the lean times for me personally though he was always there for me at school functions or parties I took my daughter to with other families from her school.  Back when I was going through a divorce and felt like I was schmuck because I didn’t know any better.  Those days are long gone, I’m not a schmuck, I got a new lease on life that I try to take advantage of any chance I get.  He can bust my balls tomorrow, but tonight he gets his own little paragraph.  He earned it, and plus he had to endure the absolute calamity tonight at the daddy-daughter dance when it came to getting your picture taken with your daughter!

So tonight was my first ever daddy-daughter dance, it was in a word awesome!  Granted my little stubborn child only slow danced once with me and invented new moves the whole time.  If ninja dancing ever becomes popular Sloane will be the driving force behind it!  There were only THREE dad’s from our troop that found the time to spend their Friday night in some podunk rural town with their daughters.  We get to talk shit on the local Facebook Brownie page now because we were there!  We were guests from another troop and it was quite the production.  All the desserts were home-made and the bowls and trays were never empty.  The moms/dads that made the finger food dessert choices must have spent all day on it, and they were all tasty.  Even though one dessert we all liked and had no idea what the hell it was!  Our girls had a frigging blast, and our troop was well represented, we were the last three fathers to leave!  We weren’t the pack of douche dads that stood in the back ground either.  We were up near the dance floor pretty much the whole time and if our little princess wanted us to join in we did other than that it was a seven-year old MOSH PIT!  Going to start questioning Sloane’s internet usage because popular dance songs that came out well before she was born she knew the moves to, and she wasn’t alone ALL the girls had a general idea of the “Macarena”.  The whole kicker for the night was that guess who led the dance in songs played!  That’s right Katy Perry (I may or may not have bribed the deejay).  Firework, Roar (loudest song played in terms of sing a long), and the dance ended with Dark Horse.  Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Pitbull only had two played!  Watching a pack of girls sing “Roar” is something I will never forget, and my two dad’s told me it was alright to sing along.

Going to wrap it up for tonight;  Shirley Temple’s, laced lemonade, and the most awesome effing girl in the world have worn me out!  That girl is my daughter and she’s all mine this weekend!


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  1. This is such an uplifting post, it just made my day. I’m happy for you and your daughter!

  2. Ask me again tomorrow when we have to get up at six a.m. to go skiing! Looking forward to it though, thanks for reading!

  3. Sounds like a coffee win! If only Starbucks would do that, then you’d know the day is going to be beyond good! Awesome?
    Congrats on the awesome daddy-daughter dance, and the potential professional ninja dancer you have! 🙂
    Glad to hear you get your daughter all weekend, hope you two have a blast!

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