The Bathroom Conundrum


Are you sick of looking at that drab lime green bath tile every time you step out of the shower, is your pink porcelain bathtub finally ready to get hip and enter the 21st century, or does your bathroom sink look like a demolition project gone awry?  If your current gateway to the local wastewater treatment plant sounds like this, PlumbTile has the answer for you.

Have you been putting off that dream bathroom project in favor of working on your fantasy football rosters and writing inane blog posts that nobody reads?  Well, instead of clicking on your favorite social media site, give PlumbTile a little bit of your time instead.  They have all you need to build your own personal Taj Mahal in the bowel movement department.


Located in sunny San Diego, not only do the natives have the best weather in the country to look forward to every day, they also have this hidden gem of bath and tile nirvana they can visit any time they want.  The rest of us bathroom commando DIY’ers have to visit them in the online mall known as the internet.  I’m not 100% sure if there is a food court involved, but quality customer service and top notch goods are a definite.

PlumTile is a Google trusted store (that means they are legit if you are new to this online shopping phenomena); tell them Skipah sent you if you would like to get long blank stares in person or a sudden disconnect online.  My girlfriend and I are still debating whether to go with the Zucchetti faucets matched with the Porcelanosa tile.  Of course, she fancies herself an interior design expert because of her college experience, so we can’t agree on anything since I’m a guy and that means I’m always right.  Let’s pause for a second while every guy nods in agreement, and every woman is still trying to find their eyeballs after that sudden spontaneous eye roll.


Long story short, if you are looking to build your dream bathroom, and, frankly, why aren’t you, give PlumbTile a thought.  Competitive pricing and offering the best brands available in bathroom upgrades makes this a mandatory choice when you finally decide to pull the trigger on that bathroom redesign.

You can follow PlumbTile all over the web on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+, and they are even kind of enough to give you some tips and “how to’s” on their WordPress blog.

This post was sponsored by PlumbTile, the thoughts and opinions are 100% the views of Skipah’s Realm.


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  3. Man…I thought your favorite pitches were baseball. Tile place sounds good. I will follow them for you.

  4. Do I have to do the bathroom all over again or can I just look at the pretty pictures?

  5. Bathroom was fine until I read this post. Now considering a complete revamp. Might well be time to leave the 19th century behind.

  6. Wait. Lime green is a cool color–very preppy. Oh, I don’t want it, understand. Just saying. Perhaps I should be looking around to reno…

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  8. I actually had a quick look at their site and they do seem pretty good. 🙂

  9. This just might come in handy in the near future. Thanks for the review, Gary!

  10. Bookmarked the recommended site for helping with redoing the bathroom! We need our main floor bathroom redone, like yesterday.

    Toilet fails to flush down solid waste and sometimes even bulks at flushing purly liquid urine down! And that’s on a good day.

    My husband has agreed to resolve the problems after we get our tax returns back after the next tax season. I get a step in tub and a toilet of my choice! Can’t wait. The bathroom in the basement level apparetly works fine (haven’t been down stairs since we first visited the house before we bought it) .

    Am color blind, so have no clue what color it even is. Thought we bought a blue house (everyone says it is khaki in reality). To me it is blue!

    Maybe you should ask your daughter for her input, since she will live there in the future! She seems to get along with your girlfriend just fine, so you are probably going to be safe on that front.

  11. My mother has a dull green bathroom ripe for redo!

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