The Great Filling Station Hold Up

You have got to be a true parrothead to get that title, it’s been kind of a surreal day for me.  Went by were my truck was parked this morning to grab my sunglasses and it was gone!  Spent all morning trying to locate it to no avail, after getting off work my buddy took me by the scene of the crime and there was a sign posted about the size of a stamp declaring all vehicles in this particular parking lot would be towed to this location.  Would have been nice to know yesterday the sign was well hidden and the parking lot was dead empty, oh well I guess I get to get it back on Monday.  Made for a nerve wracking morning, but other than that today has been a good day.  One I can’t complain about it and if I did then I’m just being selfish.  I’m not a selfish person, so as I’ve learned through all of this ride the good days to the fullest because there are going to be bad days from time to time.

Absolutely zero to report on the war today, nothing, nada, and that is fine with me.  I’ve had my mind on other things anyway, namely not her, we did see each other at my daughter’s cheer leading event today.  I avoided her didn’t have any desire to talk to her what little we interacted you could describe as “cordial” but I spent all my time texting friends (note to the organizers of these football games, learn how to run these things on time).  My friend who is a huge Notre Dame fan I kept busting his balls sending him Michigan Wolverine literature, even sent him a picture of Bo Schembechler, he was quick to remind me Bo is probably still rolling in his grave about kicking the ball to Rocket Ishmail way back in the day.  For you all that don’t know the history Rocket Ishmail destroyed Michigan back in the late 80s because they kept kicking to him.  It was in good fun, he threatened to block me, but it helped pass the time while waiting on my daughter’s game to start.  Also a little known secret only to my closest friends is I’ve met someone and she and I have really hit it off and I was texting with her a whole lot also while waiting on my daughter’s game.  All in all it was a good time, I had to leave at half time in order to return my mother her vehicle since the game started much later than anticipated and she needed it by a certain time, and I’m certainly thankful she let me borrowed her vehicle so I could go see my daughter do her cheer leading.  She was cute as a button as always and was really digging it today.  Wish I could have stayed the whole time but time was not my friend today and that’s o.k., just seeing my daughter have a fun is worth the price of admission.

Unfortunately, I dozed off after I got home this evening and missed my daughter’s phone call and that really sucks, but she was pooped and went to bed early.  I was pooped also the great truck caper from this morning had me stressed to the max, after finally figuring out it wasn’t stolen it helped ease my mind but hell can I catch a damn break on some luck.  It’s like I take three steps forward and two steps back anymore in my personal life.  Give me a little karma please!!!  My new friend though is helping out on that also, she has helped me realize that everything happens for a reason and good people win out in the end.  I’m banking on that because lately all I keep getting served is poo poo sandwiches and I’ve had nothing to do with ordering them off the menu!!!!  Really about it today, just another mundane Saturday, like I said a few days ago mundane is good these days.  It’s getting me back to normal, and now I have something else to take my mind off the ugly shit.  And it’s going to be getting ugly in the near future, and I can’t wait, I’m ready for this battle I look forward to this battle, and I’m going to win this battle.  I never chose this for me or my daughter, and I’m going to fight for her like I fought to save my marriage.  I lost that battle and looking back GOOD, I’m not losing my battle with my daughter.  She belongs here, she loves her friends, she loves her family, and she is staying here!!!  Her mother will get to make the hard decisions, not my daughter, my daughter is never going to not know her family, grandparents, friends, etc…. I am growing more and more confident by the day of this, and from what I keep learning of her mother’s new “partner” he will never be able to have any kind of legal custody of my daughter if worse case scenario’s happen.  The SBE snapped, she will get to bear the consequences of her decisions, not my daughter.

About all I got tonight, got other things to occupy me right now and football is on, until tomorrow!



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