The Internet Sucks


Dear Time Warner Cable this internet shit is getting old fast.  I signed up with you because you promised me your internet would make AT & T high speed internet look like the fat kid in a 40 yard dash.  Guess what you are the fat kid Time Warner.  Don’t get me wrong AT & T high speed internet worked about as well as a turtle pulling a piano behind his back, but this is getting ridiculous!  Your product runs at Mach speed in the afternoon or any other “non-peak” time, but guess what I want my internet in the evening as much as the next person during “peak” times.  If you work for AT & T and are reading this get effing Uverse in my sector of the world pronto!  Seriously I had Uverse at my old residence and it is FIVE MINUTES from my current house.  Why it isn’t available is nothing but a loss of business for you.  I would drop TWC quicker than I got dropped by my ex for your services.  I’m in school and it’s online I only switched to you despite all the negative things I had heard because there was no way you could be worse the AT & T high speed internet!  For those that are confused AT & T offers high speed internet (in name only) and Uverse.  Uverse is the Usain Bolt of internet in this area, the other two are snails on valium in terms of internet speed.

Busy couple of days since I last spoke, weather in this area is hopped up on steroids.  Flash flooding has become chic in this area.  We’ve had one or two severe storms every day this week with wicked awesome lightning shows that would make even the most seasoned stoner say “groovy”, also mandatory state law that when it rains now it must immediately drop one to two inches in a rather short amount of time to make roads impassable and life just suck.

Rain didn’t hamper Sloane and I though on my Wednesday night this week.  Upon acquisition of her yesterday (yes we speak in business like terms) it was a quick dinner then off to softball practice.  Watching her improve every practice I’m able to take her to gives me a big puffy heart.  Her coach is good, and wants to make every girl improve.  We left practice at 7:00 p.m. when we got home she asked if we could ride bikes since it wasn’t 7:30 yet.  I informed her that 7:30 is not bed time in our world, and hell yes let’s go ride bikes!  Two miles later and the clock flirting with 8:00 pm she thought her mom was “cray, cray” because we saw children much younger than Sloane still playing in front yards, throwing baseball/softball, or just hanging out on the porch.

She’s all mine this weekend, and more memories to be made, for now I’m going to try to get some school work done while I can actually use the internet!

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  2. We have U-Verse here but hate AT&T. But then again, we really aren’t fans of ANY provider, so it’s a lose-lose. Even a lose-lose-lose since the entire internet really does suck.

    What doesn’t suck is you and Sloane having a good time bike riding together, even if it was at the absurd time of past 7:30! GASP!

    Stay safe in the floods and have a great weekend man!

  3. We are at the mercy of TWC here, too. I hear at least twenty negative comments for every positive one. I guess you don’t need to make customer service a huge priority when you’ve got the market cornered.

  4. Do you have Metronet down that way? I know they’re based out of Evansville and their service is AMAZING, but it’s also fairly new and the markets are kind of spread out in weird spots across the state. If you have them, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. Best thing we’ve ever done. 🙂

  5. It is all about making money for the internet providers- and they do not care about the internet they provide! You pay- they play… Stay safe in the crazy weather. This time of year…
    Best of wishes to you in school- and to Sloane with the softball!!!

  6. Internet providers are HUGE liars.

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