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Just felt like dressing up today, I need to scale back my walking I’m getting way to much sun!

Going to take the day off, the employees (me) at Skipah’s Realm just had one of those most intense weeks of his life.  Just got the little one to lay down as we get back into the school routine that starts in TWO DAYS!  Loyal reader if you don’t know the significance in that, you must be from my Kentucky delegation.  Top shelf vodka for Hammy tonight, Shirley Temple’s for Rosy  and yours truly is going to play on social media and talk to Miss Madison.  Might have to borrow her good luck charm she gave me more often.

Skipah’s word of the day:  Karma.  You don’t know the beauty of it until you witness it firsthand.

See you all tomorrow with brand new exciting tales in single dads rocking the parenting world and maybe a chapter from yet unreleased book (we don’t even have a manuscript yet) “The Little Blogger That Could!”

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  8. Thanks for the follow! Use some sunscreen!
    And hope the kids get back into their school routine quickly.

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  10. Look at you looking good! I’m a little late but I had to let ya know lol

  11. Like the new gravatar!

  12. Good on ya, man. Keep it up.

  13. Whoo hoo!! So glad things worked out for you! 🙂

  14. I love it when parents use the word “little one” to refer to their children <3

  15. I’m so glad to read this! So, so glad! I’m walking on cloud nine with you buddy!

  16. I’m giving a virtual vodka cheers with Hammy for the good karma!

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