The Sock Conundrum

Good evening, we are live from the lair (my daughter’s term, our house is the “den”, the big room is called the “lair”) college basketball, college basketball, and more college basketball!  Watching the state school, wondering if ESPN even interviews there color analysts before they hire them, and finishing up some chili and frigging thrilled my furnace finally got fixed AGAIN today.  Being a renter has it’s pluses and minuses, the pluses if crap goes bad you don’t have to pay to fix it, the bad I’m renting because my credit is tanking worse Obama’s approval ratings.  At this phase of my life I’ll take renting, credit can be fixed over time.  Got to live in the moment looking forward, can’t live in the moment looking back.  That’s the kind of mood I’m in these days.

Also finishing up some laundry and trying to figure out how in the hell I keep losing socks!!!!  I keep all unmatched socks sitting on my dresser in hopes the next time I do laundry they will find there eternal soul mate, only they keep hanging out single and the pool keeps growing.  First off I had no idea I had so many different styles of white socks, I am the only adult that lives here, I have my daughter 33% of the time roughly, how white socks keep disappearing is befuddling.  I’ve looked under beds, furniture, in the attic, outside, around the block,  you name it.  Point is WHERE IN THE HELL DO SOCKS KEEP DISAPPEARING!  It’s borderline driving me nuts because my routine is take socks off throw them in hamper, take hamper to washing machine when it is time to do laundry, wash, rinse, repeat.  Only when it is time to match them up out of the dryer they keep coming up missing.  Who knows what is going on, maybe I’ve got some secret varmint living in here that likes socks.  Just a funny thought I had tonight as I was putting up laundry and the single sock dating pool added one more member.

In other news with the ex and her six month transformation into a selfish bitch, the Christmas season is coming upon us(quicker than ever it seems commercially poor Tom Turkey) and during our split I pretty much gave up all the Christmas stuff (ornaments, decorations, etc…) however I got the tree.  My daughter selected all the ornaments she wanted to come over here (not much) so basically I’ve got a seven foot tree and a dozen ornaments, I asked my daughter if she would ask her mom for a Lionel train ornament I bought for myself a few years ago.  The ex said NO, she’s got close to 1000 dollars worth of ornaments on her tree (I’m on the hook for probably 50o of those at least) and she won’t give up a $5.00 ornament.  Kind of pissed me off, because she is being a sore loser, but hell none of us like to lose so if it makes her feel better great.  All I can say is my daughter told me tonight they got in a yelling match over a $5.00 ornament.  I’m the one who is a sucker for model trains not her, but I digress.  I’m definitely going to be better off I don’t need that crap in my life anymore, screw materialistic, I’ve got time to build up my own ornament collection, and most of hers lost all “nostalgia” anyway.  That’s why I gave them all up anyway I didn’t want them, I bought them all for her to put a smile on her face, after our daughter was born the plus one ornaments she can have also.  Although dammit I wanted that Lionel train keepsake ornament, I found that thing on clearance at Kohl’s by accident!  I’m not even a Christmas nut like most people, if she thinks not letting me have that one ornament is going to ruin my day then good for her, hell it pissed our daughter off it sounds like more than anything.  That’s my girl!  Fighting for her dad all she can with her selfish mother.  Maybe I’ll just decorate my tree with pictures of Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood, and Cincinnati Reds gear.

Guess I’m going wrap this up, state school just got upset , my internet connection still sucks :(, and facebook is about to get real interesting.


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