The Texas Flower Conspiracy (Or a chance to win a $100 Dollars)

Lone Star

I don’t know if it the unseasonably warm weather or my Diet Dr. Pepper was spiked with enough anti-depressants to make Oscar the Grouch even crack a smile, but Mr. Skipah is in a giving mood today.  With traffic soaring these days, I thought I would check where all the denizens of the Skipahsphere have been checking in from, and it turned out the Lone Star state of Texas is even outperforming my native Indiana.

Granted my little old Midwest happy hideaway would be the smallest county in Texas as a whole, but either way, my Texas pals, I’ve got a deal for you.  The good people at Lone Star Living Bouquet are wanting to give some money away and want Mr. Skipah to help them anyway he can.  Being a former Texan myself (age four, Houston, the Astrodome was big, is about all I remember from then) and I like seeing people win money, I though what the heck!

Lone Star Living wants to celebrate the Texas life and your Texas style by giving away five $100.00 Visa cards and your very own Lone Star Living Bouquet.  If tumbleweeds and steer heads are your thing, they have got you covered.  You just watched the Dallas Cowboys miss the playoffs AGAIN, what better way to commiserate than having your very own Cowboy arrangement.  I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but I’m willing to bet the arrangement is going to stay relevant longer than your typical Cowboys season.

Mr. Skipah, what do I have to do to enter this free contest?  Good question, young Padua, first you must reside in the great state of Texas.  Second you must be a member of Pinterest. Guys, go to your secret board that your significant other doesn’t know about with expensive gadgets and women that are out of your league.  Ladies, since it’s been signed into law by Congress that you are required to be on Pinterest, I think you are covered already by default.  Click here, and let the world know what your personality would translate to if you were a flower.  Also follow the Lone Star Living Pinterest board, enter your email, and the URL to your brand new shiny pin, and then the most important step is click ENTER.  That’s it!


Texans get $100 dollar gift cards in March, Hoosiers get allergy shots.

You can also pin your own custom image if you’re too cool to be a flower, just make sure you put the all-important hashtag #lonestarliving!  If you are really too cool to be a flower type of personality, I would really like to meet you, because you must be a Steve McQueen kind of cool and he was “The King of Cool.”  Winners will be announced via email on April 15, and, if you do win, my birthday is in September and I love Diet Dr. Pepper, just saying.

Skipah’s Realm does make a small financial gain for any entries.  By small I’m talking about a gnat on a goat’s ass for scale.  However, 33% of anything is going to the Make A Wish Foundation another 33% to The Colon Cancer Prevention Project, and the other 34% I should be able to eat lunch at Applebees…hopefully!

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  3. The word thought has a ‘T’ at the end. You might want to try using a free spell checker like “Grammerly” before posting. Even idiots born and raised in southern Illinois make spelling errors. That is why I depend on spell checking done by a company other than the evil Microsoft monopoly!

  4. Way to support our Lone Star state! Even though you’re a bit north now, I guess that time in Houston is good enough….

  5. Nothing for Floridians?! Sheesh… Lol! 😉

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