Twas the Night before……


Quick update before Sloane and I go about the proper form of pyro technique safety, i.e. blow stuff up!  Google has been in contact with me today since I gave them a free product review of one of their services (snicker, snicker), I’m still trying to find the time to do a book review that looks pretty cool (has a lot of pictures), and  thinks I’m cool enough to wear some of their socks provided I give them a little shout out next week.  Also got accepted in the Weave Media group this week.  So business wise is quickly moving up the ladder in Wall Street.  Look for incorporation and an IPO (Initial Public Offering Kentuckian) in about late September of 2019 at this pace.  Currently in negotiations with Presidential nominees and local politicians for ad space also.  Secretly hoping Donald Trump just buys the whole site for millions!  I poll extremely well in Florida!

Tomorrow is our great nation’s birthday from kicking some British butt way back in the late 1700’s, in the states we go overboard and throw parties, hold cookout’s, and of course FIREWORKS!  Before taking Sloane to her overnight slumber party with grandma yesterday we made one last voyage (probably) to the giant ape’s house and his room full of goodies.


20150702_173107  20150702_173259

You’re the best dad!


No Sloane!  I am not giving up a kidney for this!  Actually let me rethink that…tempting but better not.


Junior pyro starter set, #winning!

We will have another sparkler, smoke bomb, throw down tonight.  Then tomorrow we are off to some dear and near friends of ours for a cook out ourselves, and depending on how that goes may be lighting off fireworks there or she and I will have our own little two person blowout.  We’ve stocked up on supplies for our contribution to the party-triple chocolate chip cookies and spicy jalapeno dip (think Chuy’s), and tomorrow morning we will feverishly be whipping up the edibles in time for the party.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and don’t worry I will take plenty of pictures mom.

About it for tonight, my rock star daughter has finished up what I required of her (cleaning her damn room), so it’s time to ward off mosquitoes with smoke bombs and write our name in the sky with sparklers, and there may or may not be a bloom on Sloane’s smoke bomb plant!

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  1. Make sure to tell the Jeffersons hi for me since you’re moving on up! #dadjoke

    Enjoy the weekend festivities, Happy 4th

  2. Hey I thought it was my job to get the money from Mr. Trump??? LOL So incredibly jealous that Sloane got all those fireworks! 😉 The didn’t even sell them here in Arizona until a few years back. I really don’t think it was the smartest decision the state has ever made to allow them to be sold here either. Just what we need in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, in July, when it’s 115+ F degrees outside… Things that blow-up and catch the dried up tumble weeds on fire. There are just about as many idiots here as there are in Kentucky so I’m really surprised they haven’t caught the entire state on fire yet! Hahaha!

    Man, I really am a grumpy old lady tonight aren’t I?!?! Grrrrrrr… You & Sloane fly out here with a saw to take care of my feet and I’ll be back to cracking jokes and talking trash in no time at all! Wishing you both a safe and fun filled 4th of July! ♥ Oh & you better take lots of pics for me too since I’ll be stuck in bed! YAY ME!!! NOT! =/

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  3. Now, wouldn’t it be awesome for Mr. Trump to buy you out. Or any big shot money man 😉

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