Third and a mile

With football starting in full this week thought I’d start out tonight’s title with a football reference.  It was either that or Jimmy Buffet song titles and I couldn’t think of any to relate to today.  Maybe in the future I’ll incorporate it some more.  My week of 4:00 am wake up’s finally caught up with me today and I guess my daughter’s action packed Friday evening caught up with her also.  I was up at five (fell back asleep), 7:30 (fell back asleep), finally got greeted at 9:00 am by my daughter who just woke up.  Needless to say, I think I needed the sleep.  Checked my phone and saw I had a few texts from odd hours in the morning (really is there ever been anything good come out of 4:00 in the morning?) This was no different , my afternoon plans had been cancelled, which was no big deal this allowed me to get plenty of other stuff done.  After the daughter and I were dressed and ready to go she was chomping at the bit to go to my mom’s so I dropped her off they were both thrilled to see each other and I’m sure it’s been one big party over there today.  After getting home I decided it was time to make this place look a little better.  I informed the SBE that I was returning to the marital property to get the stuff that is mine on the outside of the house.  She never replied, but at this point I don’t really care, I knew she wasn’t there.  Moved my patio furniture over to my new place, and any potted plants that looked salvageable I grabbed.  Give my new home a little color.  I was about to leave and said “hell with it” I’m taking the flag pole.  So I did and now it’s proudly hanging off of my house with our country’s stars and bars.  I’ll hang that flag every day, any of our other flags were some foo foo Disney crap or basically anything I’m not interested in.  I have no problem hanging the U.S. flag, I’m proud to be from this country, I’m proud of any veteran, and I’m proud to know current military members.  It’s a small token of appreciation I can show any of them and I’m more than happy to.  I never had the cojones to join when I was young, and thankfully I was never drafted, but I am proud to be an American and since it’s now MY flag pole the stars and bars will always be displayed proudly at my house.

After that, and with the impending weather I knew was coming, I said the hell with lets go check out this new walking bridge.  So drove down to the walking bridge and proceeded to walk over it and downtown on the other side, long story short by the time I was back to my vehicle I logged four miles and had some jelly legs.  Very neat experience though, probably one of the better ideas these two states have come up with in a long time.  Plus seeing all the construction first hand of the new bridges project and how far that has come was fascinating.  My company has been responsible for a lot of what has gone on with the bridges project so that kind of made me proud I’ve had a indirect involvement with it, and my company has direct involvement with it. It’s definitely job security and the people I’ve been associated with on this project are hilarious.  This isn’t there first rodeo on a job of this size, and like to remind me of it anytime I have to deal with them.  Kind of a quick tangent of what was on my mind today.

Got home from that fixed a quick bite to eat and decided to watch some football, and lo and behold I fell asleep in the recliner.  Woke up at 7:00 pm, it felt great!  No one to answer to, I get to do what I want, I napped.  Doesn’t sound like much but it’s progress for me.  Last week I wanted to nap and couldn’t do it, today I was out in 15 minutes watching Notre Dame football (snicker, snicker) Woke up and saw that they won, and ran a couple of errands and am now currently watching football on my big T.V.  I’m going to enjoy some football this year I think, my reconfigured DirecTV package I get the whole year of the NFL package free of charge.  The “lair” as my daughter calls it, is tailor made for football watching.  Mildly excited about it, thought it would be great to watch the Reds, but they suck this year, It’s football season now I have no commitments to worry about right now.  Saturday and Sunday’s when I don’t have my daughter are going to be fun.  I’ve got friends already looking forward to hanging out to watch football over here let’s make it happen!

So otherwise pretty mundane day for me, and that’s fine, I’m learning to accept mundane.  Things are definitely getting normal day by day, just talked to my daughter and she and her grandma are having a blast and that’s good they both needed it.  She doesn’t get to see my mom like she used to and I’m happy for both of them.  All my laundry is done for the weekend, it’s just another routine night in my new life as a bachelor.  I didn’t really bother any of my support group today because I didn’t need to, I’m good these days just accepting life now and adjusting accordingly.  Sure being single at times sucks, but it also gives me time to reflect on where I have come, my daughter, my friends, and what the future holds.  Future is still murky but I’ve got a much better handle on it that I did months ago.



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