This day had to come eventually

We have a developing situation at the new house!  I can not find my TV remote control, this is bad, it’s not 1980 anymore getting up to change the TV sucks.  Watching Reds baseball anymore is depressing and it’s hard to channel surf when you have 500 options and can only go one at a time.  Hopefully the damn thing will turn up, I can’t blame my daughter on this one!

Sometime in November of 1997 the best I can guess was the last time I went all day without any contact with my wife.  Either a phone call, text, email, carrier pigeon, whatever.  August 19, 2014 I have successfully made it all day with out any contact, no questions about our daughter, no name calling, no nothing.  It’s kind of a good feeling and kind of a weird feeling, but it had to happen eventually.  I will see her tomorrow (maybe probably going out of town if she keeps her S.O.P.), so it won’t be two days in a row, but today I officially reached a landmark.  It’s nothing to go out and throw a party over, but it is a small victory for me and I like winning as much as the next person.  Her phone number showed up on my phone exactly once today and that was when my daughter called me this evening.  I’ve been texting with so many people she doesn’t even show up on my recent texts right now.  Small victories I’ll take in the major war that is brewing.  This is a personal victory for me, as for the war sit back and enjoy the ride is all I can say at this point.

As I walking tonight (up to 3-4 miles a day, woo hoo) I thought back to all the lies and bullshit I got spoon fed for  the past three months.  Hell I guess she believes her own lies now, I have no idea she has become so frigging irrational when it comes to her day to day behavior and issues concerning our daughter.  It’s frustrating and comical at times, but she is who she is now.  Keep my daughter here and she can pack up her shit and take a limo out of town for all I care.  I hope I am done trying to rationalize her behavior, it’s impossible, it’s not the same woman I was in love with or married to.  She has turned into an evil, self centered, selfish person, I guess lust does that to a person I have no idea.  She drove a bus over me but I’m picking myself back up, the bus she drove over our daughter though I’m going to locate it and burn it to the ground when I get the chance.  My daughter’s life will never be the same, I’m adjusting, I guess my wife is adjusting, but I have a daughter that loves us both and is used to a “traditional” family.  Like I said last night she has adjusted nicely so far, but I’m smart enough to know there will be bumps in the road as we move forward.  Just have to stay ahead of it the best I can, I have to protect her and her only now.  Her mother gave that up, and I’m quickly realizing it day by day.  Walking for distance and not just the dog again has opened my eyes up to a lot of things, I’m not near the monster she makes me out to be with her lies and bullshit.  She has turned into pure evil when it comes to me, and evil people suck and I can’t wait until she gets her comeuppance.

One last tangent before I sign off for the night, I’m at the quick stop this afternoon for yet another fountain drink, and there was a gentleman there in full dress marine blue uniform.  A teenage girl happened to be in line and asked if he was in the army, he said no ma’am I’m in the marine corps.  She then said I’m sorry, but I want to thank you for everything you do for me and my country.   I found this absolutely amazing that a teenager thought to thank a Marine, her parents must be very good, because most of today’s youth wouldn’t think to do that.  I want my daughter to think like that also and I’m going to do the best I can to make sure she does!



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