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The other day after waking up with yet another sore neck and stiff shoulders, it dawned on me that maybe I was secretly wrestling crocodiles in my sleep or I needed to upgrade from the concrete blocks I call pillows.  The good folks at Los Angeles based Brentwood Home must double as mind readers in a second life, because no sooner than I blamed my worn-out pillows, they approached me with an offer too good to refuse.  In exchange for my thoughts, they promised me no more stiff necks and sore shoulders with their Sleep Wellness Bundle.


Not pictured me sleeping!

So, who and what is Brentwood Home you may be asking yourself?  For over 30 years they have been bringing California style ethos to bedrooms all over the world.  Based in Los Angeles, Brentwood Home brings a standard of environmentally sound products made from all natural and chemical free materials.  When your company offers a 25-year warranty on mattresses, you know you are dealing with a winner.  I’m sure their mattresses feel like you just fell asleep in a bed of feathers, but for today let’s stick with the Sleep Wellness Bundle.  Also worth mentioning they are a Google trusted store, so you can shop with them and not worry about some 12 year old in Malaysia stealing your information.

With the Sleep Wellness Bundle, you receive two Helena Latex/Kapok Pillows and two Carmel Molded Latex Pillows, and you can rest your weary head with ease.  Don’t let these pillows’ powers of seduction get the best of you though, rumor has it you will sleep so well that irritating nuisance known as Mr. Alarm Clock is drowned out by the soft lullaby ringing in your ears from these magic pillows.  My first night of trying them out I performed Kung Fu on my alarm clock when it tried to wake me up for that irritating thing known as work.

Depending on what style of pillow you like, the Sleep Wellness Bundle is the answer for you.  If you like a solid, firm pillow (like me) then the Carmel Molded Latex pillows are going to make you wish you never slept on anything else.  As an added advantage, the next time you are in a pillow fight, make sure to bring this beauty to the party.  Heavy as a brick but softer than a swimming pool filled with cotton, you will retain your pillow fighting championship belt when you show up to your next pillow royal rumble.


Firm pillows aren’t your thing?  No worries, the Helena Latex/Kapok Pillows will have your head and shoulders feeling like you just walked out of a massage parlor.  I know you are thinking Kapok sounds like the latest and greatest in hip hop, but it is the silky cotton-like fibers from seed pods of the Ceiba tree.  Soft and durable, there will be no more tossing and turning because you are worried about landing that big contract at the office the next day.  I’m not 100% sure, but rumor has it a consumer in Thousand Oaks, California fell asleep in less than two seconds the first night they tried these pillows out.


If you are looking to purchase these as a bundle or separately you can find you sleep nirvana here and here.  Even better, Brentwood Home enlisted me to offer a giveaway of this or four other Brentwood Bundles.  The Brentwood Bundle Sweepstakes is running until December 8th and one lucky reader will have their choice of this bundle or four other wonderful sleep/wellness bundles to choose from.

If this or any other wonderful items strike your fancy enter promo code OURHOUSE for a 10% discount at checkout.

You can find Brentwood Home on all the popular street corners of the web:





Skipah’s Realm was compensated with his very own Sleep Wellness Bundle for review, the thoughts and comment are all original.

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  2. Firm pillows, please! 🙂 Hoping to win!

  3. Brilliant as always! can’t wait to get mine!

  4. I definitely need an upgrade of pillows, I’m always waking up with a stiff neck!

  5. I’ll admit, when I first glanced at the title of this post, I thought “oh my goodness, what am I about to walk into,” then I thought better of it.

    I absolutely hate sleeping with hard or flattened pillows, so I upgraded. After reading this post, I think it may be time for another upgrade. I hope you enjoy them!

  6. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain, you have intrigued me. Thanks! Would love to win! Glad that they have helped you!

  7. I love the pillows I have, but I can always use more. Especially with the crazy tot rampaging throughout the house. Still hoping to win!

  8. And here I was hoping on aomething about Miss Madison! Miss leading titles frustrate me to no end!

    Have you thought to have Miss Madison try the pillows out for a female’s view? You never know, she may offer a added selling point!

  9. I have concrete block pillows, too! These sound amazing!!!

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