Tomorrow is another day, and it ought to be interesting

Well judging by all the comments I received today from everybody I guess I need to start a subscription service for my pet blog.  I was starting to feel like Perez Hilton with all the people wondering why I didn’t blog last night.  Everything was fine, I was still a little irked from my dinner with my daughter Wednesday and her comments and after seeing the wife at the school’s open house I was a whole lot more irked.  So in the interest of good sportsmanship I just bit my tongue and actually got some stuff done around here, (not sure I’ll be extending that same courtesy tonight, but more on that in a bit) namely laundry, if that’s not a quality Thursday night in bachelor land, then you don’t know what living is!  This will be my last night without my home theater system though, I’ve had about enough of the standard stock speakers on my TV.  The way this room lays out it’s going to be one awesome theater room, my daughter even suggested that.  I was thinking more of movies that really over do the sound effects, she was thinking Spy Kids (pick a number), either way in two weekends we will meet in the middle and it’s going to be unlimited popcorn and rattling walls.  She’s done picked out her favorite spot on the couch, and really it’s perfect for her (couch is little small for adults)

After finally getting all my daughter’s biking gear over here tonight (more or that in a bit) we hit the road.  With my marathon walking sessions lately I’ve got the area mapped out pretty good, I took her the other way today and it’s all sidewalks!!!  I told her take off I’ll catch up, just stay on the sidewalks.  So we will be hitting that neighborhood every time she is here I’m sure, which is fine I’ve learned cute little girls who will talk random strangers, might bring in cute adult girls!  I sure do miss me dog though :(, but I digress, my little pooch though is making life hell at the other place.   She will always be my dog!  She would really love the new neighborhood, everybody walks their dog around here, hell everybody walks reminds of the week I spent in Maine years ago.  F.Y.I., Freeport, Maine is the dog walking capital of the world, just thought I’d throw that caveat out there.  So after a good mile and change bike ride, we were back home.  After bath the good night phone call was once again hysterical, my daughter just see’s through the bullshit anymore.  (more on that it is coming up!)  Even though she was a little cranky today, we had a great day between bike riding and two different trips to the store, and some bang up sauteed pork chops.  I got asked if I can come over to her other house and make pork chops because the one’s she had last week were to chewy.  After the instantaneous smile that came over me, I told her that probably couldn’t happen, but anytime we have pork chops I’ll be more than happy to send one to your other house.  Made my day though that’s for sure.

Before I type this next paragraph or two, everybody needs to know, I’m over her!  I can’t stress that enough, I’m disappointed in her behavior as it pertains to our daughter, but I’m over her for sure.  I took the high road last night, and publicly I’ll take the high road.  This isn’t public though, this just became personal, and no there isn’t much I can do about it nor really care to.  However, there are lines and there are LINES, and the one she crossed tonight makes me think of her not as my child’s mother, but pretty much nothing more than a common whore.  The wife i KNEW would never condone her behavior right now, wouldn’t even dream of it.  I don’t know this person, the way this day unfolded is something out of a Harlequin novel (I guess never read one).

After work, freshly armed with the knowledge that I now needs my wife’s permission to be on OUR property, I did sign off on it I know.  Legally I can break every window if I wanted to, but in divorce court I need permission I guess.  So I leave work a tad early to head over to my mother’s to get my daughter’s dresser, I then get a phone call from my neighbor who wants to know if the wife is moving back in.  I was like I can’t see why she would and proceeds to tell me about the whole day unfolding at my old property.  She shows up early alone with sacks full of groceries, and then shows up later with someone and started moving stuff out of the house, about this same time I’m now talking to a friend of mine who is distant friends with my exiled sister in law and proceeds to tell me that she is in town this week or forever who knows with that weirdo.  I abort my dresser pick up mission and head back towards my part of town, a quick trip by the in laws (you can see from the main drag) confirmed HE was in town.  I got a chuckle out of that,  and then went home and walked down to my daughters school to pick her up and got to see the wife again.  It was a girl’s club meeting, personally I think it is pretty cool I can walk my daughter home from school.  I thought I knew everything (I was told by my lawyer who was told by her lawyer that our old property was now the wife’s new home), she informs she is moving back into the old house today.  Well anybody that has gone through this knows of the “travel” bag, her travel bag tonight consisted of her cheer leading uniform tomorrow.  I’m like were is her bike gear, I’ll run it over in a bit, this was at 5:00 PM, it arrived via the in laws at 7:50 pm, we all live within five minutes of each other.  You could leave my house, drive to my old property, and then drive to in-laws to here and 20 minutes tops depending on how you catch the lights.  Once they showed up I asked if she was moving back in to the old house and they said no they had been moving stuff all evening.  I was like interesting your daughter told her lawyer she is moving back in, “I don’t see how we pretty much moved everything” is what he told me, frigging clueless.  So my SBE and her new man are staying in a vacant house tonight in a neighborhood everybody knew us very well and I guess sleeping on an air mattress.  The fact she has lost self respect for herself as a person and my daughter’s mother is just troubling.  The fact someone who is 37 and the other is 48 I believe can’t pony up enough money for a room is just comical, our one neighbor is damn near family and to let yourself look so slutty, whorish, skanky staying in a house that I’ll be honest I didn’t give one shit about the week before I moved, and it looked like it!  Just imagine some seedy hotel that hasn’t seen the maid service in two days and that is what the house looked like with stacked up furniture that was hers against the walls, I got the my daughter’s bed and our bed, so it’s either the floor or an air mattress.  I’m 37 and believe me if I got the money I’m choosing hotel over that any day of the week and I don’t care if Angela Jolie is knocking on my door.  I’m not 18 anymore,  I’ll take comfort over accessibility any day of the week.  The thing that really bothers me is she now has no conscious, that house was ours as a family.  To trash the good memories of us, our daughter, our family is just troubling.  It’s like the past 13 years of us, and the past six of our daughter doesn’t mean shit.  I’m single now and have been for awhile, not that I had the opportunity but if I did I would have never brought that person into that house.  Call me old fashioned, call me sentimental, but couldn’t do it if I wanted to, and to make yourself look so cheap to people that adored your for some many years is just puzzling and bothersome.

So tomorrow is cheer leading I’m assuming the sister in law will be there (oh boy), just wondering if he will be.  How does a person in my shoes react to that?   I have no idea I’ve never been in that place, never thought I would have to be, it’s my daughter’s event and I’ll never embarrass her but hell if her mom show ups with someone else that will be embarrassing enough to her and I won’t it?  Ought to be interesting to say the least.  I’m sure I will handle it just fine if my wife chooses to go that route, two months ago I don’t know what the answer would have been.  My secret weapon is my daughter, she is always going to be my secret weapon going forward.  She sees through her mother’s bullshit now, and she will connect the dots, and she will always love her father.  I’ll make sure of it, I can’t shower her with gifts right now, but I’ll walk a mile and change so she can ride her bike.  Her mother won’t do that right now and my daughter will never forget this.  I am confident of this, all she wants to do is ride that damn bike, and eat her father’s cooking and she won’t get to do that as much going forward for now.  My therapist would be so proud two months ago I would have called the cops and said someone broke into my house tonight I’m thinking you look like some cheap skank and my daughter and I had a blast today, and you did all you could to do to prevent it.  Pound sand dear, you lost your eye on the ultimate prize I didn’t!

Probably said more than enough for tonight, think I’m going to go grab that extra pork chop!!!!


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