In the state of Indiana any couple that gets a divorced with children it’s MANDATORY that you have to take a three and half hour class on transparenting (most states call it co-parenting).  It’s a decent presentation, actually useful in some spots, and I frigging swear my ex wife slept through the whole thing. (Come to think of it when it was her day she had to race home from Eastern Kentucky, and missed her daughter’s Girl Scout nature walk at a local park also)  Any concerns I have about Sloane’s behavior I get told “she’s doing fine”, and health concerns, namely her nagging allergy problem that has developed since she has taken up residence at the mold infested “nursing home.”  I get told allergies are bad in our area.  After lambasting her today via text messaging about screwing with the emotional state of our daughter, namely even bringing up the possibility of getting re-married and how upsetting that was to her on Saturday because she still has this dream that her mommy and daddy are going to get back together, I get nothing but silence on the issue.  I’ve tried for six months now to co-parent, I can separate issues between she and I, and issues when it comes to our daughter.  Maybe one day she will, who knows though.  I’ll get off of my soap box now, I think it’s a proven fact my ex is batshit crazy, selfish, and bitter.

The happiest living creature in North America tonight has to be Hammy, only one 30 minute torture session for him tonight.  He still had to be subjected to a yelling session since he wouldn’t come out from under his wooden sleeping home, but after she finally got her hands on him Sloane actually let him run free for the most part.  He was seeking an escape, but Sloane was quick to cut him off before he could make it under any furniture.  She was humane today though, the mauling was minimal.  He can’t wait until school starts back up and I go back to my normal custody schedule, but until then he’s getting at least 30 minutes of hamster style waterboarding a day, and probably more Wednesday and Thursday.  Everything I had ever read in a Tom Clancy novel about KGB officers must be true though because this little bastard hasn’t flipped yet.

20141229_172707 (1)

Pretty boring night for the daughter and I, she didn’t want any of her father’s homemade cooking, opting instead for Campbell’s chicken noodle soup that had princess noodles.  I really, really, really need to find a car to buy (and have an excellent lead on a 2001 Ford Taurus tomorrow), so I was perusing the internet on car deals.  She took this opportunity to watch way more TV than I care for her to, but I have to find a vehicle sooner than later!  Amazingly when it came to shower time she took more time than her mother ever did, all the Bath and Body Works for Christmas are biting me in the ass!  Me being superdad, since winter has set in I always throw her PJ’s and towels in the dryer while she is in the shower, she has learned to take at least fifteen minutes in the shower so all her stuff can be good and warm, tonight it was 30 minutes so she could use the time to lather up in her lotion of the day.  It’s how I roll with Sloane, sure she is spoiled but I had to fight tooth and nail to get that opportunity!

All I got for tonight, sleepy myself and I’ve got to regain the vampire title back from Sloane on New Years Eve so I better get some rest.  I’ve got a 38 year old motor, she’s got one that is only seven and super charged!


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  2. I admire your candid approach to talking about your ex, I know what a shitty ex is like especially when kids are involved, and often wish I could say more than I do (7 more years and both boys will be over 18 and she can go do one completely from my life!). I’m half looking forward to the day she gets hers and the kids stop talking to her (only half as I wish the best for both boys and ending up disliking their mum is not something I really want them to go through).

    I’m fortunate to have found someone way better in my life now, so there can be life after divorce 🙂

  3. Ah I put my wife’s things in the drier too so they are warm for her. What a pair of softies! Hope you find a suitable car soon 🙂

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