The Wallet Makes the Man!


Men, remember when you were a young wet behind the ears teenager and you got your first wallet?  Probably something of the fabric tri-fold variety with a color scheme that your mom saved to show your first girlfriend so she could make a mental note to never let you pick out clothing for her?  Your teenage wallet was lucky to have $10.00 in it (come to think of it that hasn’t changed much as an adult), a note from some girl you had no shot to go out with, and your high school’s football team’s schedule.  You thought you were cool and hip when really you were just some pimply faced dork.  You didn’t know it yet, but you were on the road to becoming a man.  Why, because sometimes the wallet can make the man!

Eventually you got older and moved up to a more traditional leather wallet that had pockets and sleeves that doubled as an internment for business cards, maxed out credit cards, and your gas station discount card because your keychain equivalent was lost six days after you signed up for it.  Hopefully you have found gainful employment and have moved up to at least $20.00 cash to your name.  You are progressing because real men carry a leather wallet!  I can’t stress enough the wallet makes the man!

Then one day you are minding your own business walking down the street in Happyville, USA and you run into your old pal Krazy Karl from Kore Essentials.  If you aren’t familiar with Kore Essentials, they are to men’s fashion accessories what wind is for a sailboat.  In other words…essential.  Krazy Karl’s Trakline belt was a huge hit last year and now he’s back at it again in his quest to make all men sophisticated and professional.

Kore Essentials is looking to rewrite the rules in the men’s fashion industry with their new Slim Wallet with Carbon Fiber Money Clip.  Karl asked me to review one and after using it for a week, my coolness factor has jumped up at least 100 points according to my girlfriend!


My old leather wallet is soon going to become a dog chew toy after getting my hands on this handcrafted, full grain leather beauty.  It’s actually two wallets in one and much more comfortable to wear in your back pocket than the standard hulky wallet.


Good bye Mr. Hulky!

Two wallets in one?  How is that you are probably wondering.  The military grade carbon fiber money clip is removable and is sturdy enough to handle a nuclear blast.  You and the boys are off to your classmate’s bachelor party and you just want the bare essentials (I.D. & cash) just pop out the money clip and unless you encounter an unfriendly with a set of vice grips, your possessions will be more secure than the gold at Fort Knox while residing in your pocket.


If you are somebody that assumes three identities and have the matching credit cards and driver licenses to accompany it (give me your name so I can let the F.B.I. know), this may not be the wallet for you.  If you are Joe Schmo, you will be delighted to know the outer pocket holds up to two cards according to Karl.  I tested his theory and proved it wrong, I can easily store three.  The inner pocket has a handy pull out tab that releases up to eight of your most cherished credit/bank cards.


I don’t carry that many cards myself so it easily handles what I store in there.  Also, if you are Mr. Conspiracy theorist and think everyone is out to get you, then you can take great pleasure in the fact that the inside is lined with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection.  With more and more banks going to the chip reader on credit/debit cards, this is definitely an added bonus.  So feel free to walk into any airport or bus terminal knowing that nobody is going to “zap” your credit card information and use it for nefarious purposes.


With Christmas coming up in the not so distant future, ladies, you can upgrade your man and put a smile on his face with the Slim Fast Wallet.  Guys that are sick of spending their time wondering if they will ever find true love, maybe a little improvement in the wallet department could provide you the spark you need.  After all, the wallet makes the man!  If you don’t believe me watch the video and check out their new bi-fold wallet while you are it!

Kore Essentials is even feeling generous.  Go to their website and purchase one right now.  Tell them Skipah sent you and insert KORE10 at checkout and you will receive 10% off your purchase.

You can even find Kore Essential at all your favorite internet hangouts:



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Skipah’s Realm was compensated with the Kore Essentials Slim Wallet for a review.  The thoughts and opinions are 100% are all original.



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  2. I like the wallet. However…you are only just moving to chip cards?? What?! Really?! What the hell kind of shoddy operation are you people running over there?!

  3. Ordered. Thank you for the discount code. My husband currently uses a business card holder as a wallet because he can’t stand the bulky options out there.

  4. I think my hubs would love this!

  5. Boom–an item crossed off my Xmas shopping list! Thanks for the heads up on this cool wallet!

  6. Very cool! Adding this to look at for holiday shopping!

  7. Yep on my list for hubby thanks!

  8. There is something so grown up handsome about a man who carries a nice wallet and not some ripped up, huge dog chew toy! Looks like a really thoughtfully made wallet.

  9. This was nicely written! I haven’t had a wallet for about a year, since mine was stolen. Now I just carry my ID and maxed out credit cards loose in my pocket. May have to look into one of these for all that money I’m not making.

  10. Seriously, Gary, how is it that you made a wallet sounds like a must have–for ME? And I’m female?

  11. This is a helpful review! My hubby and I watched HSN this a.m. to buy luggage ansd saw the RFID products. Hubby like his fat wallets, but he SHOULD convert. We’ll have a look at these 🙂

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  13. …and what is inside the wallet might even more be the making, or unmaking, of a man

  14. I like. Been meaning to respond to Karl as he offered me to try too. Maybe I will have to do that now that I see how cool it is! Great review!

  15. For women, it’s an adult purse.

  16. I sent a copy of your post to my Facebook account (only place my mom checks for information I send her (she is not tech savy at all!)). This may be what my father ends up getting for either his birthday or Christmas this year from her.

    Who knows maybe my husband will take a hint this time. He didn’t on the belt, but maybe he will look into a better wallet!

  17. Much better than a purse!!!

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