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I’m retiring from vampire games, I was whipped again last night by a seven year old.  I tapped out at one a.m., and she probably could have made it all night for all I know.  At one a.m. I said you win I’m going to bed, she even rubbed it in a little and said “Since I’m wide awake can I just lay on the couch and watch a movie until I fall asleep?”  Sure Sloane just pour a little more salt in the wound, I got my revenge by making sure she was up by nine a.m. this morning.

However, the sinister child of mine really broke Hammy’s spirit last night by forgetting to put him back in his cage.  Take that KGB, my daughter is going to flip that hamster eventually.  Poor bastard had to sleep in his ball all night with no bedding.  Needless to say he slept all day, and for Sloane and I it felt like a giant New Years hangover.  Maybe the Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice was accidentally swapped out for a bottle of Korbel.  We were both pretty much lethargic all day, the only thing that amounted to “physical” activity was taking the Christmas tree down.  After that 20 minute burst of energy it was back to us just sitting around like an old couple.  She played Ipad, watched some TV, and made Hammy more signs (She thought Hammy was already sick of his current signs so she “changed” it up).  I watched football (when I could) and played on the computer.  Neither of us left the “lair” pretty much all day.

On the computer today though I caught up on some reading, a bunch of fellow bloggers that I’ve come across in the last couple of weeks.  There are some AMAZING fathers out there that have spent a shitload of time organizing networks on Facebook. Once the holidays are over and I’ve got the free time to properly do it, I’m going to link them on my web page because that is what we do, help each other out.  Dad bloggers are an Army of voices!  We all put our own spin on raising children, but we are all united!  We want as many people as possible to see our stuff, it’s not a competition, it’s a network of good fathers helping each other as much as we can.  Some of them are happily married guys who took to blogging as kind of a modern day scrapbook to show their kids when they get older, some are stay at home dads (this is the 21st century no shame in being a SAHD), some are like me single and dealing with exes, the system, etc…, and some frankly are in a world of hurt that I can’t even imagine.  Parental alienation is real, it’s frigging tragic, and anything my little voice in New Albany, Indiana can do to get the word out I’m going to!  I think my ex is batshit crazy (well she is), she’s Mother Theresa compared to some women.  I’ve ran across one blog (http://markusrandel.com) that basically is letters to his children that he hopes one day they will find via internet search when they get older.  So yeah I’m a lucky one when it comes to “Co-Parenting” in the big picture.

It’s day one of 2015, I really hope in day one of 2016 a few things happen.

1.  I get out of this financial mess that my ex and crap luck created

2.  I perfect my writing and blogging, I never knew I had it in me!

3.  I end up meeting someone who could eventually become Mrs. Mathews when and if the time is right.  (I’m not rushing into anything!)

4.  Most of all though I hope to build on the relationship with Sloane, grow more as a father and her friend when she is with me.  We are a team now, and just like any boy is going to have to pass the “dad” test, I have a feeling any prospective new female will have to pass the “Sloane” test.  I like that though she was the only beacon of light I had in the dark days and secretly I think she knew it.

Wrapping it up for tonight, going to watch some football (not futbol for my friends across the pond, soccer will never take off in this country the NFL, MLB, and NBA will make sure of it)


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  3. Happy New Year, Gary. I enjoy your blog. It’s a welcome relief from a lot of the stuff I usually slug through. Feel free to link to my blog. I included here too. And if anyone reads this, I’m the poor schmuck that writes letters to the kiddos every day. It’s the best thing I can do currently. It could be a lot better, and it’s sure been a lot worse. My letters give me some sort of emotional contact even if it’s one direction only.

  4. I’m glad you’ve found other bloggers to connect with and hope you feel you’ve got support within thedadnetwork. Good luck with your hope and wishes for this year. I really hope your relationship continues to grow and that you find a partner. I’m very happily married the second time round so it can be done. Happy new year to you.

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