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Hey everybody remember me?  Softball ended way to late last night to even attempt to write something.  Its day two of the daddy-daughter reunion and not too much to speak off as we had a softball game last night and softball practice tonight.  It’s basically been pick her up, eat some dinner, and then off to softball.  Post softball bath and chill time.  She’s been pretty worn out the past couple of evenings even falling asleep on the couch while watching some bed time cartoons.  I wasn’t about to move her as it will be thought of as a treat with dad not a permanent bedding fixture at you know that “other” place.

Just having a cooked meal with her has been quite the treat, well last night we were really pressed for time so she dove head first into some watermelon I had gotten her and a ham sandwich before game time tonight though she requested “fried chicken like my dad makes it, it tastes better”, that’s my girl.  So I happily obliged and whipped up some fried chicken and she chased it with more watermelon on the side before we headed off to the area of limited cell phone data reception softball complex.  Tomorrow tacos are requested and I’ve promised her chicken wings this weekend.  It feels good to have my number one fan back home to enjoy daddy’s cooking.

20150601_173050 (1)                       20150602_173732

Softball last night was quite the doozy, it was the final game of the regular season and the Lighting busted out to an early lead before going all Bad News Bears in the final inning.  The final score was 10-8 and they ended up third in the league.  The bomber had an off night herself going 0-2 and failing to get on base.  However she caught an absolute howitzer of a shot on one hop and almost threw a girl out at second from short center field.  I got to boast to the crowd her dad was a perennial Little League all-star for his glove.  Nobody seemed to care though, a few of them may have even rolled their eyes at me.  Either way I am extremely proud to see how far she has come along this year and attending practice for the first time in a while due to my complete crap unfair May custody schedule.  It was very refreshing to see her making plays and throws I wouldn’t have dreamed of three months ago.

We are off until Friday (possibly Thursday) with softball practice before the All-Valley 2A Region 21 District 17-C seven year old pee wee tournament that begins on Monday.  I previously stated that it starts this Saturday that would be what is known as an “incorrect” statement.  Weather is supposed to be warmer and clearer so we should be living it up tomorrow, she is chomping at the bit to light off the sparklers and smoke bombs and I have a sneaky suspicion we may be going back into training for the Tour De France.  Either way as much as I love watching her play softball, it will be nice for once to not have to schedule around it or basically give up my night of the week for the event.

20150601_195622  20150601_192244  20150601_192117

I think Hammy is even a little bummed, he’s seen no attention from the blonde bomber yet, even after hand crafting homemade signs telling her he was sorry for nipping at her last week.  I may have to seek a therapist for him if he doesn’t get any attention.  He’s trying his best “puppy” dog eyes but he just doesn’t have the equipment to pull it off.  Then he blamed me for hogging all the time with her, one point at the torture ball of joy and he went back to his homemade hooch and listening to Stravinsky music on his ear buds. (I’ve loosened up the rules around the house its summer and all, even my KGB spy gets a few more perks than he used to)

In another first from yours truly I listed an item on Craig’s List today.  Anyone interested in a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a red and black I-Blason case can have it for $325.00 bucks, if you are willing to pay more I’m all ears on a higher offer.  I’m not one to argue or barter so if you want to offer $375.00 Kentuckian and pay the shipping cost if you aren’t in the Louisville Metro I’d be happy to sell it to you.  Hoosiers will get that joke, Kentuckians are like so how much does he really want.  This is probably a typical conversation going on in Pikeville, KY right now:

Lester Ray Connors:  “Honey I found this blog and this dumbass Hoosier is selling a Galaxy S5 for $325.00, but is willing to take $375.00 if we pay the shipping costs.”

Brenda Joe McCracken:  “Fleece that Hoosier, it is a red and black case though, offer him $350.00 and we can get that $75.00 UK basketball blue and white case with John Calipari’s face on it that I saw on BigBlueNation.com.”

Lester Ray Connors:  “Baby get me another beer, we are going to show this Hoosier the what for on how to negotiate!”

Brenda Joe McCracken:  “O.K., I’ll get you that Natural Light and post on Facebook that you pulled one over on another city slicker from Indiana.”

This can’t be much different than what is really going on since I’ve listed it I’ve had an offer for $450.00 to Nigerian address.  I’m mean really any dumbass in the states that falls for a Nigerian too good to be true offer gets what they deserve.  I mean hell I gave away my life savings to an Nigerian prince years ago, all I had to do was send him a thousand and he was going to put a voo-doo spell on it, dip it some magic holy water, eat it and then shit out a million dollars.  Fool me once shame on me you fool me twice shame on me.  (International reader, do the Nigerians pull this crap on in your country also)  Also received an offer for $75.00 more than I listed to a number in upstate New York.  Yeah that sounds TOTALLY legit.  Any way if anybody is interested here is my old best friend, Mr. SG6 is my new best friend!


20150602_134404   20150602_134357   20150602_134349

(It was a good run SG5)

About it for tonight, but before I wrap this up I should mention I have become a crash test dummy for a friend in Texas (I’m bigger in Texas than Indiana I think) on Match.com online dating.  She’s a damn pro, she’s a nerd (cute one at that), about as smart as anybody I know, I mean she’s got patents pending and shit!  The only thing I could patent is a couple of recipes and how to incorrectly pick lottery numbers.  I send her Match.com profiles of prospective future Mrs. Skipah’s and she has started her own “psychological evaluation” of them.  So far she is one for one!

Also not that I’m into shameless promotions, oh who am I kidding I’m a blogger, click here to enter in for a chance to win a cruise to the Caribbean.  It’s put on by LittlePassports.com so if you want your kid to be a future world globe trotter I’m sure there is something on there for you, and hell who knows later on you may be enjoying a rum quaff out of a coconut shell sitting on some island that the government may or may not be stable.  By the way I receive no monetary payment for entering in for a chance to win a cruise, now if you would buy the Christopher Columbus starter kit I may receive three cents on the dollar.  Back tomorrow hopefully with a booming day of some more daddy daughter fun!





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  1. I wish your blog had a like button, because I like this post but I’m not feeling well and words don’t work so good right now for me. Lol 🙂

  2. I love that you cook for her and will have more time after softball. Then, once that’s done… after a couple of days…you’ll be looking for activities to do… man, when is baseball/soccer/swimming going to start again (well, that’s how it goes in our house.)

    hahah 🙂

  3. Woah. That is a massive bowl of watermelon! Jealous.

  4. Hey Skipah!

    Thanks for the kind words. LOL, glad to help you out by reading Match profiles; it has become a second language to me! Might be about time to retire. Haven’t found a guy who is worthy my awesome nerdiness yet! Well, not in Texas, anyway!

    😉 Cheers!

    aka your lil’ biscuit

  5. Oh yes, we get the foreign emails here too when we sell stuff in EBay. They used to bid stuff up to some ridiculous prices, like a million pounds for a phone. Thanks but no thanks.

  6. Hi Gary, very happy to see you and Sloane together again, and that sounded like quite a game. :O)

  7. Yeah, what Donna said; way to go on the delicious and healthy food option! Sounds like that game was pretty intense….as far as little league goes….sorry they lost, but still good season overall!

    Make sure you take plenty of smoke bomb action shots and have a blast (not literally) with your “bomber”!

    Also, good luck on selling the phone. I’d seriously consider if we weren’t so close to maybe getting new ones ourselves.

    • Don’t worry we will be taking PLENTY of smoke bomb pics! I’m not worried about the phone selling, it’s a hot commodity although if you are still using an S3 and upgrade to an S5 your Avery picture taking skills will go up ten fold.

  8. OMG! That bowl of watermelon is big enough to dive head first into!! That girl sure does love her melons!! Glad she’s back home, I hope you all have lots of fun times together!

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