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father's day

Let me see you Tootsie Pumpkin Roll!

Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dads in the blogosphere.  I hope your weekend was as memorable as mine!  Due to the great Derby Day Compromise of 2016, I didn’t have Sloane for the entire weekend.  No matter, she surprised me early on Friday with some of my favorite desserts, and when she returned on Sunday, showered me with more kitchen gadgets than a stunt double for Inspector Gadget!  Now it’s time to pump her and the Madisonites full of Benadryl and horse tranquilizers (kidding, kidding) as they are more wound up about this week’s upcoming journey to Door County, Wisconsin than Muffin is about the grass garden she has growing.


Blueberry Muffin is quickly becoming a hit in these parts!

After this post, it’s going to be a week or so before America’s least favorite blogger returns to the airwaves.  I’ve got a couple of guest bloggers lined up to hopefully entertain the masses in my absence.  As for me, I’ll be throwing rocks at Michigan natives from across Green Bay and performing my best Ernest Hemingway writing this guy’s sequel to “Old Man and the Sea” on my laptop.   Or I’ll be setting Wisconsin state records for the largest bonfire ever recorded and sending smoke signals to the astronauts at the International Space Station.

Either way, it should be a great time.  On tap this week is a visit to Rock Island.  Quick research tells me this should rank somewhere between neato mosquito, and I just won a chance to spend an evening painting the town red with Justin Timberlake.  (Which in itself is pretty cool because he “Brought Sexy Back” and all.)

As much as I begged and pleaded Miss Madison to drive the seven hours round trip to visit the world famous Upper Peninsula of Michigan (also to see if any of my rocks landed), she told me a big fat no, but did inform me I could swim or kayak the 16 miles across the bay to it.  My workout regimen of late only has me conditioned for about 2521 feet of the journey, so I won’t get to see the enchanted lands of these mysterious folks known as Yoopers.  Although don’t rule out hitchhiking a ride on a freighter, I’ll be sure to pass on any that say “Son of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

There will be no boating excursions this year, namely because our time there will be short and we are entertaining guests for three of those nights.  Miss Madison and I, believe it or not, each have some good friends in the land of cheese and brats and are spreading our Hoosier hospitality to the Badger State the best we can.  I got the “tourist” bug out of me last year when I visited, this year it is all about the kids and some much needed R & R.

By the time anybody reads this, I’ll be waving to my Indianapolis peeps, flipping the bird to all Chicago drivers, wondering why in the hell anybody would live in Milwaukee, and craving an “adult” beverage after driving 10 hours with three kids!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  The Skipah’s Travelling Road Show loves making memories, and this week should be no exception.

Since day one of my separation/divorce, I’ve always wanted Sloane to experience the best things in life travel-wise.  This will be her second trip to Door County, WI.  Last year it was in the fall, but this year she will get the full experience of summer in Door County. Throw in some Breyer Festival excitement, Revolutionary War re-enactments, rocking it out in Columbus, IN, or just keeping it local and enjoying the Madison, Indiana Farmer’s Market and you get the gist.  I lost my custody battle, but I’m quickly learning that hanging out with dad (and Miss Madison) is way cooler than staying in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky!

About it for now, next time you hear from me I’ll be showing off my Wisconsin state record walleye catch and my bitching farmer’s tan!  I’m hoping this week will be epic and can’t wait to channel my inner travel/photo blogger when I get back home!

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  1. Have a great vacation! I’m looking forward to more amazing stories when you get back.

  2. omg, i’ve missed you! where the heck have I been? i can’t remember but i’m here now and loving it. Go for it, guy! As usual.

  3. Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

    A sincere thanks for filling my empty head with the song “Let Me See You Pumpkin Roll.” I can see this is going to be an unproductive day…

  4. Don’t tell the Wisconsinites but the first time I saw Door County in your blog, I thought it said Country and I couldn’t figure out why the kids were so excited to go to such a place. Have fun. Although I think it odd that your vacation from 3 hour round trips for softball is to drive 10 hours.

  5. Driving can be fun…got a couple of road trips planned soon! I haven’t forgotten about adding your “Spring Into the Future Post” about playgrounds as a guest post. Probably for early July. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Haha! Your bitchin farmer’s tan! Oh haha!
    Have a great time, Skipah’s Crew 🙂

  7. Takes hours of constant forced sun exposure to earn a good farmer’s tan, sorry! Might need to have a heat stroke to get one, am not sure. Had too many forced heat strokes to count in my early years as a farmer’s daughter.

    Keep the others well protected from the sun’s harmful rays. You do not want to be the cause of future melanoma out breaks in your travelling group!

  8. Happy vacation!!!! I look forward to hearing more about it.

  9. Throw a big rock for me, and have fun man!

  10. Have fun – safe travels – we will see you when you return! 🙂

  11. I hope that you’re all having a gross time and also that you managed to keep your bird flipping finger under control. 🙂

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